Saturday, January 8, 2011


This blog is a secondary blog to allow me to address subjects that are not exactly appropriate for my end times blog, which can be found at (Note the double “s” in the middle, otherwise you'll go somewhere else.)

I would like to, in this blog, address what some feel are controversial subjects and give the biblical basis for the stand taken on the issues presented here, plus address subjects that seem to be conundrums in Scripture. By conundrums I mean, for example, who is Melchizedek? Actually I did address that one in my other blog, but it bears repeating here. And, how could Judas both die from hanging himself, (Matthew's account) and die from falling and having his body burst open (Luke's account in the Acts)? Believe it or not, this latter one is really easy to explain when you have all the facts. Is there such a thing as bad and good Christian music? This is a real controversy in the church today, and as a professional classically trained musician and Bible scholar, I feel fully qualified to elaborate on this issue. Should women wear their hair long, and should they wear head-coverings? There is a subject that is going to set a lot of women off on debate. Of course there are the mainstream issues such as abortion and homosexuality. There seems to be a plethora of things that can be addressed so, reader, if you have a subject you want me to tackle, feel free to pose the question. I will do my best to research the Scriptures to see what God's stand is on the matter.

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