Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mike Hoggard - Anti-apostasy Teacher or the Next Harold Camping?

Lately a friend introduced me to the teachings of Pastor Mike Hoggard. She had been listening to him, and was very impressed by the stand that he took against all the apostate things that are going on in the church. To his credit, he believes that the KJV is the only accurate English translation of the Bible, which I have shown to be true in my article on the KJV Bible (see
http://bibleconundrumsandcontroversy.blogspot.com/2011/01/king-james-version-only-controversy.html ). He teaches against contemplative prayer, which I have yet to address, (I have now written that article 
http://bibleconundrumsandcontroversy.blogspot.com/2012/07/is-contemplative-prayer-scriptural-and.html ), but which I agree is a real danger to Christians. He teaches against rock music in the church (see
http://bibleconundrumsandcontroversy.blogspot.com/2011/01/is-it-really-christian-music.html ) and a number of other things that have infiltrated, which I also agree are bad. He also teaches a lot about the Masons and other occult teachings. It is good for people to be made aware of these things. In short, a great deal of what he teaches is good for people to know. He is attracting a bigger and bigger following, especially with people who are fed up with the apostasy in the church and are looking for some good old-fashioned Bible preaching. So what is the problem? The problem is, in the midst of gathering a major audience of Christians who are looking for someone to lead them out of apostasy, and are following him because of the strong stand he takes against apostasy, he is slowly and subtly introducing to them teachings that are not Scriptural. Because they are such little things within his sermons, nobody notices or gives it much thought, or they just let it pass like a blip on the screen, but when added up, it comes to a lot of things that are not correct. I also have concerns about the way he approaches his study of the Scripture, as well as the way he teaches it. I honestly see the beginnings of another Harold Camping in the making given enough time. (For those of you who missed the Harold Camping hoopla, here is some info on that 
http://bibleconundrumsandcontroversy.blogspot.com/2011/03/harold-camping-may-21-2011-rapture.html and http://bibleconundrumsandcontroversy.blogspot.com/2011/05/harold-camping-failed-and-tries-again.html.) I hope to show why I make that statement in the course of this article.

One of the first things I noticed was that he preaches about getting revelation (meaning special revealed knowledge of hidden things) from the Bible. Naturally studying the Bible is going to bring knowledge. Knowledge about God, knowledge about Christ, knowledge about how we should walk and behave, etc. He is against using man's commentaries to learn what God teaches. I agree. I believe that we should allow God to teach us by studying God's Word verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book, comparing passages that speak to the same subject. Pastor Hoggard however seems to believe that God teaches you by “revelation”. By that I am gathering that he means that he'll look at a passage and have some sort of epiphany that shows him some secret piece of information, as what he teaches is not stuff that can be had from a simple literal reading of the Word.

Concerning the subject of revelation Hoggard has made several statements that bother me. First he talks about the concept that the getting of “revelation” comes with a price. He says, “There's a price [for having this stuff revealed to you].” He says that it “comes with a thorn.” In other words, if you go looking to study God's Word and have Him show you what His Word says, you had better be prepared to pay a steep price for it. His statements seemed aimed more at preventing people from studying God's Word rather than encouraging them. He implies that you shouldn't do it unless you are willing to suffer some consequences. In fact he basically makes a threat against you if he finds out you are trying to study it. He says, “I pray for all of God's people who really have this thirst for knowledge and wisdom and they want these revelations from the bible and they want to study more and they want to know more. I'm going to pray that if necessary God will give you a massive thorn in your flesh.” Not just a thorn but a massive one? How nice of him. This is supposedly to prevent people from getting arrogant. So according to Hoggard, studying God's Word to learn what it says will make you arrogant. So does that mean basically you are better not studying? And if you do and he finds out, he is going to pray against you to ask God to make you suffer for learning what God wants you to know? Why on earth would anybody do that? 

I desperately pray that people will pick up their Bibles and study them. And I certainly would not want them punished for it. I want them to learn as much as possible, so that they won't be deceived by people who are misusing and manipulating it to teach error. God says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” Hosea 4:6 God says if you don't study you will be destroyed for the lack of knowledge. That is because people will not pick up on the doctrines of demons they are being taught. He commands us to study as it is the only way to know what you are being taught is right or wrong. 2 Timothy 2:15 “ Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” Those who do study will be blessed. Especially if they study Revelation which contains two blessings just for reading and heeding it. (Revelation 1:3, 22:7) Why should Mike Hoggard want to curse someone for doing what God has 1) commanded us to do and 2) said we will be destroyed if we don't know what His Word says, due to lack of knowledge, and 3) will bless us for doing?
Hoggard believes that understanding God's Word comes from “revelation.” He says that he preaches by “revelation.” By revelation I have come to understand that he does not mean that you lay precept upon precept, but that you are reading along and BOOM, all of a sudden you will see something beyond the literal message given in the passage.

For instance, it came to him that there is a connection between the story of Ehud and King Eglon of Moab and the key given to Satan in Revelation to open the pit. The story of Ehud is found in Judges 3. Israel had done evil in the sight of the Lord yet again, so he sent King Eglon of Moab to conquer them. They served him eighteen years, then the people cried out to the Lord and he raised up Ehud who went and killed King Eglon as he was alone in his summer parlor. In sneaking away from the premises, to prevent anyone from finding out what had happened right away so that he had time to escape, he locked the parlor doors as he left. Because the door was locked, the servants when they returned figured the King wanted to be left alone for privacy purposes, so didn't do anything for a while. In time they realized something was wrong, so got a key and opened the door only to find Eglon dead. In a flash of revelation, Hoggard somehow made the leap that this key was a parallel to the key in Revelation, because it kept an evil man locked up. Okay. So.....what? Where does he go with this? He goes nowhere with this. It is just a story that he points to and says that we should see how wonderful the Word of God is to show us that the word “key” is important and that it shows us that the key is important in Revelation. And so what have we learned about the passage in Revelation because of this? That the key keeps evil entities locked up. Okay, I got that from a literal reading of the passage in Revelation, I didn't need some secret “revelation” about Ehud to tell me that. And in fact, Hoggard never does discuss (at least in the sermon I heard) about the key in Revelation or what is locked up. So you've learned an interesting story about an Old Testament event that you probably didn't know before, which is good, but this “revelation” doesn't seem to have much point to it in terms of significance. This seems to be a common thread among his revelations. He takes a story and draws a parallel to no purpose.

In another story he talks at great length about the story of Absalom and that he was evil and had long hair. That he was a long-haired hippie. The long hair seems to be the key clue in this story. Then he vaguely refers to the hordes in the book of Revelation that have long hair. I guess one is supposed to draw from this “revelation” that the hordes are evil because Absalom was, and had long hair and so do they? One does not need to know that. One need only read what the Scriptures say about them and it is quite clear that they are diabolically evil, even more than Absalom. This seems to be the problem. He spends all his time showing these “parallels” that he has received from “revelation”, but never really teaches the Scriptures themselves.

Pastor Hoggard does the same thing with numbers that he does with these “word” revelations. He draws conclusions about things by adding, or dividing, or doing other mathematical exercises with them, if required. In fact he stated that when he studies the Bible, he keeps the Bible in one hand and a calculator in the other, as numbers are so important. Really? I have never had to sit with a calculator in hand tallying up numbers to understand the Word of God. There are times when I see parallels between numbers, such as the twelve tribes, and the twelve disciples, or forty year wandering in the desert and forty days of the temptation of Christ, but I don't see the need to add, subtract, multiply, or divide them to reveal some secret hidden message or code in God's Word. I'm not saying there might not be some interesting things to learn, but the obsessive way in which he uses numbers to show him what passages mean is where I start seeing a problem. Harold Camping got off on this same tangent. Numbers became more important than simply reading what the Word said. Look where it led him.
Hoggard seems to be taking this same route. In fact I question that he is using numbers in a proper way.

For instance, he points out that the numbers 13 and 3 are both important numbers in the occult. (Three is also an important number to God, as the Trinity is three in one. But Hoggard says it is the number of sin.) He will take multiples of these numbers and draw conclusions from them. According to Hoggard, the number 33 is very important. (It is two threes. I guess that is double the sin.) The Masons 33rd level is the highest level. He says that 33 is the number of the beast and that this is why the phrase "the beast" is found 33 times in the Bible. He says it is also the age of Christ when He died, as He was showing the destruction of His enemies when on the cross. (Somehow this dual and opposite use of the number both representing the beast and the destruction of the beast (and other antichrists) confuses me, and confusion is not from God). Now, finding the phrase "the beast" 33 times in the New Testament sounds really good as evidence to back up his assertion, except for one little problem. It isn't exactly correct. Oh, yes, if you google the phrase "the beast" in a New Testament search engine, you will find the phrase "the beast" 33 times in the KJV. However it is not as Hoggard represents it. The first time it is used, it is used to refer to a snake that bit Paul on the hand. The other 32 times, it is found in Revelation and it does refer to the beast known as the antichrist. But then if one looks a little more closely one finds that the word "beast" (without the "the") as referring to the antichrist is mentioned 37 times in Revelation and each time it refers to the antichrist. So the number of the beast is not 33 as Hoggard is saying to make his numeric point. He is deliberately manipulating data for his own purposes. And in fact, he leaves out the times that the antichrist is called the beast in the Old Testament. Would not that also be important? Should we not add those number of times mentioned to the sum? The beast is mentioned in Daniel 6 times. Add that to the 37 and you get 43 times. So should not the number of the beast be 43? No, actually God tells us the number of the beast, it is 666.

Hoggard selectively chooses those things which work for him, just as all who start playing with these secret numbers, words, etc. do when they try to convince people that what they are teaching is hidden knowledge that has been revealed to them (and usually to them alone). Another such mathematical “revelation” that he received was about the word “compass.” Now, as the compass is an important symbol for the Masons, he decided that there must also be a clue in the Bible to guide us as to the importance of the word “compass” as being used by Satan. So he counted up the number of times the word “compass” was used in the Bible. It turns out that the word “compass” is used 39 times. And wonder of wonders, that is 3 x 13. The problem is, if you look you will notice that every time it is used in the New Testament, it is a different Greek word each time. And for the many times it is used in the Old Testament, there are a dozen or so different Hebrew words that have been translated “compass” in English. And most of them are not the word “compass” referring to the tool we all used in math class, as the Masons picture it, but a word that means “to surround.” As in “they were compassed about on all sides.” In the original languages, this word holds no special meaning in relation to the Masons, or occult or anything else. But then again, Hoggard does not believe in using the original Hebrew and Greek when studying the Bible. He says and I quote “There's no revelation there.”

He believes that only the KJV should be used to study the Bible. I agree that it is the only truly accurate word for word English version, but to dismiss the originals from which it is translated as being incapable of giving understanding seems simply ridiculous. He however does not endorse using them and in fact tells you to avoid anyone who does, as you can't trust them. The same could be said of anyone using the KJV, if they use it inappropriately. People never seem to check on their preachers. As already stated, Hoggard says there is no revelation to be had from the originals. I don't know if he was misspeaking at the time, but I heard him quote a verse, then point out the verb tense, then say that it was not in in the original manuscript. I don't know if he meant something other than what actually came out of his mouth, but what came out of his mouth was completely erroneous. The translators of the KJV were very careful to translate it as accurately as possible.

Hoggard's demoting the original manuscripts makes no sense. There is no KJV without them. The reason there is no revelation in them for him is that he 1) apparently doesn't understand Hebrew or Greek, and 2) he can't find all those lovely words and especially numbers that he loves so much to manipulate. You see, the original manuscripts do not have all the chapter and verse numbers that he finds so very important. For instance he says the number “22” stands for “revelation” because the book of Revelation has 22 chapters. Unfortunately for Hoggard, the original book of Revelation had no chapters. None of the books did. The epistles were merely letters just as we write emails. Chapters and verses were added by editors, not put in by God for some hidden meanings. Hoggard finds all this symbolism in the fact that some word or number falls in a verse of a particular number in one chapter or book, and the same word or number may occur in a chapter or verse of the same number in another book. This is not Bible study. This is playing games. We are supposed to be studying the Word and by that I mean the actual words. Not playing math games with verse and chapter numbers. Just as Camping assigned meanings to all sorts of numbers, Hoggard seems to have done the same thing. I do not deny that some numbers are obvious, such as the number “7” being God's number, the number of perfection. But to spend all one's time looking for numbers and multiples of numbers gets a little obsessive. When one spends so much time doing this, one starts seeing things that do not exist. Sometimes a two is just a two and an apple is just an apple.

While on occasion, God will show us something deeper in a passage than what is understood at the literal level, our first method of study should be to simply read and study and understand a passage at the literal level. What I have noticed is that Pastor Hoggard is prone to spiritualizing Scripture all the time. Whenever he goes to a passage (more often than not an Old Testament passage), he is using the passage to discuss the numerology of it, or make some comparison to another Scripture, often with no seeming point in sight other than to say something about how great God is to have a hidden connection between the two. In fact he seems obsessed with all these hidden connections between Scriptures, as though these connections are far more important than anything it says at the literal level. For all the hours I have listened to him, I rarely hear him preach any Scriptural passage at any literal level. Many times the passage he is supposed to be preaching on isn't really even addressed, as he gets off onto all sorts of spiritual connections that are supposed to give us some sort of revelation, or off on another tangent entirely. At the end of his sermons I feel like I haven't learned anything at all about the passage or topic on which he is supposed to be preaching. Apparently I am not the only one, as he said that one of his listeners complained that he does not stick to topic. Hoggard's response was that he did not feel that the person had any understanding of how Scripture needed to be studied.

A further concern is that he seems to spend an inordinate amount of time preaching about the occult, the Masons, and all Satanic things about the end times. While a passing knowledge of these things is important for all Christians, it seems that everything he preaches comes back to this information. He seems as obsessed with this subject and everything related to Satan as he is about numbers. He takes occult legends and information and interprets the Bible from these sources rather than the other way around, even though he emphatically states that you should not bring anything to the Bible to interpret it other than the Bible itself.

Let me give an example or two. He stated in one sermon that the ten horns of Daniel chapter seven were the ten kings of Atlantis. Say what? Atlantis? Yes, he said they were the ten kings of Atlantis and that this is what the Scriptures teach. This could only have been a “revelation” that he received for two reasons. First, he has stated that the book of Daniel is still sealed. He has said that if you buy any books, tapes, etc. about the book of Daniel you have thrown away your money, as they are sealed until the end and have not been opened yet. In spite of that declaration, he says that the Scriptures (specifically in Daniel, which is supposedly still sealed) teach that the ten horns were ten kings of Atlantis. So this must have come by “special revelation” since he says the book is sealed. Second, the Scriptures never teach about Atlantis, they never mention Atlantis, so anything about that must have been learned by supernatural revelation (or occult sources). And what was Atlantis? I believe he says it was the antediluvian world. Now, I would have to say that I suspect that it most probably is true that the legend of Atlantis is a corrupted version of the story of the antediluvian world. It makes a lot of sense that it would be, given the description. I also know that occult history as related down through the ages in the Babylonian mysteries teaches that Atlantis had ten kings. I think this is the true source of his “revelation.” I, however, do not accept occult history as being on a par with Scripture. And I certainly do not think we are to interpret Scripture with the occult as our guide. All we know about the antediluvian world is found in the first six chapters of Genesis, and nothing is mentioned of ten kings there.

I also disagree that the book of Daniel is still sealed. (See my Bible study on Daniel at my endtimes blog here - more articles on Daniel found at the column to the right of page 
http://endtimesstudies.blogspot.com/2009/06/now-that-we-have-very-small-overview-of.html). All Christians know that we are in the last days. Israel has been a nation for over sixty years. The Lord's return cannot be too many more years away, as the state of the world cannot continue as it is and survive for much longer than that. The only way to understand the end times and what will be happening as described in the gospels and Revelation is to understand what Daniel 2, 7, 9, and 12 are talking about. It is the key to understanding there is a seven year period that will wrap up this age. The knowledge of the abomination of desolation, the beast, the ten horns, the 1260 and 1290 days, the forty-two months, and all the rest are not sealed anymore. They are quite understandable with the knowledge from the New Testament to help. Hoggard says he doesn't understand Daniel. At least he doesn't understand what has not been given as a “revelation.” Possibly if he quit studying numbers and spiritualizing everything and just read the word literally the way God intended, laying precept upon precept, he would start to understand what Daniel is teaching. 
Another of his teachings that he got from the Masons is about DNA. Hoggard has said, “I know pretty much what Albert Pike is trying to conceal in this book (Morals and Dogma – the Masonic bible). And how do I know it? Did I go to the meetings? No. Did I read the secret document? No. I know that because the “revelation” came to me by the apostles and the prophets. That's how I know what is in here. (M & D) You want things revealed? Go right here. (the Holy Bible)” So Hoggard is using the Bible, or rather getting “revelations” from the Bible via clue words, numbers, etc. through the apostles and prophets that teach him what the Masonic book Morals and Dogma is hiding. Really? Instead of spending time studying the Bible, he's using the Bible as a codebreaker via “revelation” to figure out Albert Pike's big secret? And this bothers nobody? It bothers me. And what is the big secret Albert Pike is hiding? According to Hoggard, the secret is that the mark that the antichrist is going to make people take is a third DNA helix strand. 

Hoggard explains that in Genesis 6 the angels procreated with mankind creating hybrids, giants, men of renown. According to Hoggard this gave man a third helix strand of DNA. Now, I am not sure exactly how far he takes this, but he did reference the verse where Jesus calls the Pharisees a generation of serpents/vipers and says that Satan has a physical seed that these Jewish religious leaders had, as Jesus used both the word “generation” indicating that this was a bloodline, and “serpent” or “vipers” indicating that they were of Satan's seed. Again, I have not heard him preach further on this idea of a seedline, so I do not know how far he takes it. As to the third helix strand, Hoggard teaches that this is the secret the Masons have been keeping. That the fallen angels or nephilim are coming back, and that they want to turn us into them. And this is what the mark will be. That there will be hand held scanners (they are working on developing these for Homeland Security) that they will use on you to decide if you are one of them or one of us. This will be what allows you to buy and sell. 
There are several things about this last teaching that need to be addressed. First, the mark of the beast is supposed to be something that is given in your hand or forehead. It does not say it is a mark that is made in your genes, which cannot be seen. A mark in your genes would not just be in your hand or forehead, so to teach this definitely is the mark, based upon what he feels he has discovered through “revelation” via the Bible, about the secret in the Masonic book Morals and Dogma is simply not acceptable. Second, the whole idea of the angels having procreated with man before and after the Flood, and most probably continuing to do so, need not be discovered through “revelations” about a Satanic book. It is taught straight out in the Bible without having to go through all this hoopla. If he was simply studying the Bible he would have discovered it without all the numerology and special “revelations.” I did and so have others. [Read my article on fallen angels here

God has told us in Genesis 6 that the angels married the human women and had hybrid children that were giants and men of renown. We are told that they (the giants) were also after the Flood, and indeed when Israel finally went into the land of Canaan, they had to fight numerous tribes of giants. We are also told that they did not kill them all off. We are further told in the gospels that as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be again before the Lord's return. We know then that we should expect that nephilim, giants, hybrids, and other things will make a return. We need only look to the stories and accounts of the natives and explorers of the Americas, as well as the Greeks, Romans, and Norse mythologies, as well as the descriptions that people are giving of “aliens” and their obsession with making hybrid babies, to see that there is quite a bit of evidence to lead us to believe they are still around and very active. To believe they are going to return does not require decoding the Masonic bible. The evidence is all over the place. Whether or not hybrids have a third helix strand is not something we can verify by any means or even need to know to understand Scripture. 

That the occult has been tinkering with crossing man and angels, man and beast, angels and beast, and beast and beast can be seen in the hieroglyphics of all the ancient cultures. That archaeologists do not see in these hieroglyphics what actually happened and may still be happening does not mean that we have to ignore it. It is clear that there have been hybrid nephilim in the past and will be again. Look at the Minotaur – a bull-headed god, Anubis – the jackal headed god, Horus – the falcon-headed god just as some examples. The Sphinx is a lion with a man's head. Everyone assumes these things are just imaginary, but they were not. They were probably nephilim or fallen angels. Not all angels are human looking. The cherubim have the faces of an ox, and eagle, and a lion, as well as a man. These creatures existed and may still exist and will probably show up again, given that Scripture tells us things will be as they were in Noah's day. However, stating as a fact that the mark of the beast is an infusion of a third helix strand of DNA (which there is no proof that they even have a third strand of DNA anyhow) is really going well beyond Scripture. 
That brings up another thing that disturbed me. Hoggard in many of his sermons has talked about Christ returning in the clouds. He makes a big point of the clouds and that if there are no clouds it isn't Christ. He expects the antichrist to make the same sort of appearance as Christ will make in the air, as it seems he believes the antichrist will be either a fallen angel or nephilim. I cannot say one way or the other if this is true or not, as the Bible does not tell us how the antichrist will make his appearance. Hoggard however is preparing his followers to expect this and, moreover, he is telling them that they will know it is the antichrist, because there will be no clouds. If it were really Christ there would be clouds, and that is how they will know, but not with antichrist. With him it will be a clear day. He is stating this as if it is a fact taught by Scripture, when in fact nothing of the sort is taught in Scripture. The problem with this is, what if the antichrist does make an appearance like this, only there are lots of clouds? The Scriptures do not say that this could not be a possibility, as it does not say anything at all. To teach that it will happen in this way, and that the give away is no clouds is simply setting people up to be deceived. He is saying if there are clouds, it is Christ, if not it isn't. 

He is not teaching people what the signs we are supposed to know that come before Christ's appearance are. The way we are supposed to know it is Christ is to study Revelation to know all the signs and events that will occur before Christ's return. By knowing all these things, we will not be deceived. (Again, God warned that His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.) How many times did Christ repeat “do not be deceived” in the Olivet Discourse? Answer: lots of times. Hoggard is simply not teaching the Bible and what it says. He is finding his information from occultic sources and passing them on to his audience as truths. This is seriously wrong. We should not be interpreting the Bible by revelations or occult sources. We should take God's Word literally and learn what it teaches. Hoggard is adding all sorts of things to the Scriptures, yet will preach against others who do so. He does not seem to see that he is as guilty of this as are others. If his followers are not careful and discerning, they will find themselves in the same place as Camping's people did.

Just a couple more things that I have heard him say that are major red flags, are that in the millennium there will be a temple and sacrifices, but the sacrifices will not be little animals the way it was before. The people will be sacrificing demons. Yes, that is what he said. People will be sacrificing demons. Do not ask me where on earth he got this from, because I cannot even imagine, as there is nothing remotely in the Bible that would lead to this conclusion. In fact the Bible teaches otherwise. The book of Ezekiel the last ten chapters or so teach all about the temple during the millennium. There will be sacrifices again, and unlike what Hoggard teaches, they will be animals.

Ezekiel 45:15-16, 21-23 “And one lamb out of the flock, out of two hundred, out of the fat pastures of Israel; for a meat offering, and for a burnt offering, and for peace offerings, to make reconciliation for them, saith the Lord GOD. All the people of the land shall give this oblation for the prince in Israel......In the first month, in the fourteenth day of the month, ye shall have the passover, a feast of seven days; unleavened bread shall be eaten. And upon that day shall the prince prepare for himself and for all the people of the land a bullock for a sin offering. And seven days of the feast he shall prepare a burnt offering to the LORD, seven bullocks and seven rams without blemish daily the seven days; and a kid of the goats daily for a sin offering.” 

Clearly this is speaking of the same animals that were being sacrificed before in the previous temples. Nothing is said about demons. How would a human go about wrestling a non-corporeal entity, taking it to the temple, and offering it as a sacrifice. And why would God, who demands perfect unblemished sacrifices accept anything as vile as a demon? God simply throws them in the pit of hell until judgment day. If this is one of Hoggard's “revelations”, it is quite unscriptural and shows that his “revelations” are not to be trusted. In fact this particular teaching is an abomination when one considers the rules God has given regarding sacrifices. (See my full article on millennial temple sacrifices here 

The next teaching that I will mention here is the one about there not being a physical temple in Jerusalem. He is teaching that the temple referred to in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God,” is speaking about the human heart. He comes to this conclusion on the following basis. The word temple is used as many times in the Bible as the human body has bones. According to what I learned in science, the human body has 206 bones. Now I have counted this twice, and the word temple is used 203 times in the Bible. There are three different Hebrew words that are translated “temple”, and two different Greek words that are translated “temple.” Further the plural “temples” is used nine times – two different Hebrew words, and one Greek word. So what is the first conclusion I can make? That Hoggard has lied and manipulated information to try to make his point. 

Next he says that the heart has four chambers, and there are four cherubim around the throne of God. The two lungs stand for the O.T. and N.T. Your breath stands for the Holy Spirit. The seven vascular bundles in the lungs called nodes stand for the seven spirits which is the seven branched candlestick in Revelation. The twenty-four ribs are the twenty-four elders around the throne. Thus, instead of taking God's Word literally and believing that He meant a real temple, we are supposed to understand from Hoggard's “revelation” that these things correspond to the temple, thus our body is the temple spoken of in Matthew and Thessalonians. I will not deny that God uses patterns over and over in His creation. The largest thing, the universe, and the smallest thing, the atom have the same form or pattern. God reuses His patterns in a multitude of ways, so as He designed our bodies to house His spirit when we accept Him, it is not hard to imagine that He did use the same template. HOWEVER, Hoggard comes to this conclusion without taking into consideration what the Scriptures blatantly tell us. 

In Matthew 24:15 Christ told us “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand.)” What exactly is the reader to understand? That what the abomination of desolation is can be found in the book of Daniel. But of course Hoggard does not believe we can understand Daniel. It's really not that hard. Daniel tells us of the event of Antiochus Epiphanes when he desecrated the temple by slaughtering a pig on the altar and setting up a statue of Zeus. This event is not completely detailed in the Scriptures, it is only mentioned as the abomination, but there are historical records of this event that give us the details. It is the abomination about which Christ was referring, and to which every Jew could immediately relate, as it is event that created the situation that was the basis for their holiday of Hanukkah. It is mentioned in Daniel 11:31 “ And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.” Daniel mentions another abomination that will make desolate, only this time it has to do with the end times. Daniel 9:27 “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.” Daniel 12:11 “And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.” Both of these verses talk about sacrifices being stopped (they can't begin unless there is a temple) and that an abomination will be set up. This is the same abomination spoken of in 2 Thessalonians. 

Further in Revelation 11:1-2 it tells us that John is handed a measuring stick and told to measure the temple and altar, but not the courtyard, for the courtyard and Jerusalem will be trodden underfoot by the Gentiles for forty-two months. “And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.” Now how exactly is John supposed to measure our bodies? And what is the altar in our body? And how is the courtyard (whatever that might be in our body) trodden by the Gentiles for forty-two months? It is simply ridiculous given these Scriptures to say that there will not be a physical temple during the 70th week of Daniel, and furthermore to say that the temple spoken of is our body. Daniel never spoke of our body as being the temple. People were not indwelt as a regular course of events in the Old Testament. The only temple Daniel knew was the physical temple on the Temple Mount. Christ specifically refers us back to Daniel to avoid this very problem of the misinterpretation of making our body the temple in this case, because He knew that the Scriptures that Paul would write would refer to our body as a temple. He wanted to make sure that the reader understand, (which is why He referenced Daniel), that He was not talking about our bodies. He was talking about the temple mentioned in Daniel, which was the one on the Temple Mount. 

Just as an exercise in logic, let us consider that 2 Thessalonians is talking about the temple as being our body. So what then would that verse be saying with that interpretation. Well, as only Christians are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, (unbelievers aren't) for antichrist to sit in the temple of God declaring himself God, it would mean that Christians will accept Him in their hearts in place of God. And only Christians would do this, as unbelievers are not the temple of God. That would mean that all Christians are condemned to take the mark of the beast. Is that really what people believe when they teach this? No. But isn't it exactly what they are teaching? Yes. Have they thought this through to its logical conclusion? Obviously not or they would see the fallacy of their interpretation. 
I will grant that Hoggard is teaching many good things that are true. There is great apostasy in the church. The Masons are occultic and have many secrets about what they plan on doing to mankind. But one can find this information all over the place. One does not need special “revelation” from the apostles and prophets to find out this information. It is out there all over the place. One only has to google it up. Hoggard's time would be better spent studying the Scriptures in a literal way and learning what they teach rather than spending all his time with looking for “revelations” of words, numbers, hidden codes, as well as studying the occult. He is doing his followers a disservice by not teaching them what God's Word really says rather than spending so much time on the occult and Satan.
One thing that came to mind after first posting this article, is the irony in the fact that Hoggard constantly preaches that Satan is the author of secret hidden knowledge, (which is what the Babylonian Mysteries, the Masons, and all these secret societies are about), and he also states that God is the opposite in that His Word is an open book, yet what is it that Hoggard constantly is doing to understand the Bible? He is seeking hidden knowledge by "revelation." How ironic for someone, who is against hidden knowledge, to be a person who does nothing but seek it out, not only in the occultic books, but also in the Bible. He is not looking to read what the Scriptures say at face value, but is continually looking for the hidden secrets. If God does have hidden secrets, what does God say about that? Deuteronomy 29:29 "The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law." The things which are revealed, God's Word understood at the literal level, belong to us. Even those things which He revealed to the prophets belong to us, as they were revealed to the prophets, not kept secret from them. Amos 3:7 "Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." Even Daniel's prophecies (the only ones closed until the end) are now an open book. But God is clear that if there are hidden things buried in His Word, they belong to Him, not us. We are not supposed to be looking for hidden things the way the occult does. All this Bible code stuff is not what God wants us doing. God tells us straight out what He wants us to know, yet Hoggard spends his time doing what the occult does, looking for hidden secrets, the very thing God has said belong to Him, not us. This should tell us something.

As I keep hearing Hoggard say things, I think I will continue to add to this article, as it is important that people see how he is straying from sticking solely with the Scriptures. One of the latest things I heard him talk about when discussing UFO's was that they come from a fourth dimension. I think we all are aware that the spiritual dimension is a fourth dimension, and that there is every indication that many (but possibly not all) of these UFO's are actually spiritual beings (evil) who are posing as extra-terrestrials. This is not something that is new information or secretly hidden in the Scriptures. It is pretty obvious to most intelligent Christians that this is what is going on. However Hoggard is obsessed with this whole genre of "aliens" and such (and has been since his youth) so had to find hidden messages about this in the Bible. One verse that he says proves that the number "four" represents the spiritual is the verse Ephesians 3:18. Here is the context of that verse. 3:17-19 "That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God."

According to Hoggard, this verse shows us four dimensions, breadth, length, depth, and height. Oddly enough although we always refer to three dimensions as width (breadth) length, and height, Hoggard accepts the word depth in place of height and says that height refers to the fourth dimension where God is. Yes, in Scripture the heavens are referred to as the heights, but that is because they are high above us. In fact, the word which is not part of the three dimensions here is depth. And why is that? It is because, when you look at the Greek (which Hoggard eschews as being unable to tell you anything) the word for height means altitude, the third dimension in our space. The word depth however means "profundity" or "mystery." It is speaking of depth not as a fourth dimension, but as we say our love for someone is so deep, it means it is beyond measuring it is so profound. The love of Christ is being spoken of here. It encompasses our three dimensions to their fullest degree and is so profound it is a mystery to us. Again, had Hoggard not been against looking to see what the original language was conveying, he might not have mistaken what this verse is implying. He again manipulates a verse of Scripture to lay a foundation for something he wants to be in Scripture. The sad thing is, he is not necessarily wrong about some things, such as the fact that UFO's are coming from a spiritual source (as well as many governmental ones I am sure), but his inaccurate use of the Scriptures to back this up, distorting their true meanings is, if you'll pardon the expression, not kosher. Adopting a habit of using Scriptures in this way will always lead one further and further from the truth. It is a dangerous habit.

In continuing to listen to some of Mike Hoggards sermons, I logged onto the Hog Blog and saw he had a couple of sermons on giants from the past couple weeks. In clicking on them to listen to them, the first thing that I saw and heard was an ad for Disney World. Given that Walt Disney was a high ranking mason, and that Disney's children's movies reek of sexual subliminal messages, as well as Masonic and Satanic overtones in many cases, I find it ironic (or maybe hypocritical is a better word) that he let's them advertise on his site while he preaches against what they stand for and do in their movies. One has to question how serious he is about these things he is preaching when he allows this for the purpose of making money, for that is why the ads are there. Doesn't that fly in the face of what he is preaching?

In his sermons on giants here are some things that he said with which I have a problem. These are quotes taken right from this sermon, which can be accessed on the Hogblog.

“New Testament doctrine, the doctrine of the salvation of the Gentiles, and the fact that God took Israel and said, 'I'm done with you for a while,' that whole doctrine, you know what it's based on? It's based upon the fact that these were giants. (He's referring to the passage in Numbers where the spies came back with reports of giants in the land.) Now, if you say, 'I don't believe the Bible, and I don't believe this word giants, I don't believe they were that big, I think the Bible's stretching it, I think that you know, the testimony got out of whack over the years, I think men, yada.'...If you think all of that, then tell Paul's he's a liar because Paul based an entire doctrine upon these giants. Hebrews chapter 3 verse 10, 'wherefore' this is what Paul said, Hebrews 'Wherefore I was grieved with that generation, and said, They do alway err in their heart; and they have not known my ways. So I sware in my wrath, They shall not enter into my rest. Take heed, brethren,' Look at this, look at this, 'Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.' He says in verse 15 of Hebrews 3 'While it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation. For some, when they had heard, did provoke: howbeit not all that came out of Egypt by Moses. But with whom was he grieved forty years? was it not with them that had sinned, whose carcases fell in the wilderness? And to whom sware he that they should not enter into his rest, but to them that believed not? So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief.' Paul is basing the entire doctrine of salvation based upon faith, based upon belief on what God said, he's basing that entire doctrine upon a story that most theologians and scholars say probably didn't happen that way. What does that make our foundation stand on then? …....Paul based the entire doctrine on whether or not you can go to heaven, enter into your rest, he based his entire doctrine upon this story right here. It's called the provocation...... This is how important this (believing in giants) is............All these wonderful Bible doctrines, we've been missing it for years. They're all based on these stories of giants. That's how real these characters were. God spends a majority of the Bible dealing with doctrines that are based upon the stories of the giants. The giants were pivotal and crucial in our understanding of New Testament doctrines. Including the New Testament doctrine of hell.

I understand that Mike is trying to convey that we should believe what the Bible says and take every story as truth, but he is completely twisting what Paul is meaning here. Paul is not basing the doctrine of salvation upon the fact that there were giants in the land. That is a silly statement to make, and I can't believe he meant it as he said it. We are not entering heaven based upon the story of giants. Paul was using this story merely as one of the many, many examples of the fact that Israel was constantly not having faith in God, and he was warning believers in Christ (or Yeshua, as in this case as he was addressing Hebrew believers) to not fall into the same sin. The first two chapters of Hebrews are all about Christ (not the story of giants) being the source of our salvation. How He was made a man and took upon Himself our sins and then took His place at the right hand of God to intercede for us. The Hebrews are being warned that they must hold fast the confidence of their faith in Yeshua to the end, so that they can enter into their heavenly rest, or eternal salvation. The book of Hebrews is all about enduring to the end and remaining faithful to the belief in Christ's sacrifice. There are several warnings about falling away (Hebrews 6 and 10) and ending up being burned by God's wrath. Paul is teaching that the doctrine of salvation is based upon a continuing faith in Yeshua and that continuing in that faith is how we enter into heaven.

The book of Hebrews is all about faith. He is not teaching that believing in giants is how we gain salvation, nor is he making it a pivotal happenstance. Nor are all the New Testament doctrines based upon the existence of giants. Yes, giants existed. Yes, they were the offspring of angels and mankind. Yes, they were/are evil. But the doctrines of the Bible are based upon Yeshua redeeming us from the sin of Adam and Eve. That we have to battle Satan and evil spirits is a given, and a part of reality for a Christian, but our redemption and our doctrines of salvation are not based upon what the fallen angels did, but what man (Adam) did and how God is redeeming us from our own sin, not Satan or the fallen angels' sins. Hoggard is simply getting obsessed with these creatures. That they will probably return in the end is quite possible and most likely probable, but they still have no effect on our salvation. Our salvation is based upon our acceptance of and abiding with Yeshua as our Savior. Everything else is secondary to that. The majority of the Bible is not based upon giants and doctrines about them. The Bible is the plan of redemption of mankind. The Old Testament is the story of God bringing salvation through a rebellious, unbelieving people by having a Messiah born through their line in fulfillment of a promise to Abraham. The story of Israel's interactions with giants are just examples of their lack of faith, in some cases, or when they were obedient, showing God's power by having them defeat the giants. The story's focus is about Israel's unbelief/belief and disobedience/obedience, not about the giants. They are almost what Alfred Hitchcock, the famous movie director, would call the McGuffin. A McGuffin in a movie is merely the object used to drive the story, but what it actually is, is not all that important. Had it not been giants that caused unbelief and rebellion among the Israelites, it would have been something else, and often it was something else. Their biggest problem was unbelief and worshipping other gods (and yes those gods were often fallen angels, but anything that replaces God is an idol and false god, even if it is just money). The real issue is Israel's belief or lack thereof, and obedience or disobedience, and the consequences of each. It is not the fact that giants existed. Hoggard is making giants the center of importance in the entire Bible rather than Yeshua and His redemption of us by faith.

Some people have asked Hoggard about the fact that the promised land is supposed to be a picture of heaven, but they then say that it doesn't seem right as there were wars in Canaan, and there aren't wars in heaven. Hoggard corrects them by saying that there was a war in heaven when Satan and 1/3 of the angels were cast out of heaven. In this he is absolutely correct. Scripture bears this out in Revelation 12. He says that the real country that Abraham was seeking was not just the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, but the kingdom of heaven. This too is true – Hebrews 11. Hoggard then explains that the Israelites having to fight wars to get the giants out of the land was a picture of heaven. The problem comes with his next statement. “There's a war to cast them out of heaven. Who gets to take their place? Israel. All of those born of the faith of Abraham get to take the place of the angels that God has cast down from the promised land.” Now I take issue with this. God did not choose Israel (both the nation and spiritual Israel) to take the place of angels. Angels and humans are two completely different creations for two completely different purposes.

Nobody is reassigned to take the place of any angels. This is a statement that comes from who knows where, for I cannot imagine how he came to this conclusion. It certainly isn't something Scripture teaches. Israel was the promised descendants of Abraham through whom the Lord was going to send the Messiah. They were to be a people of God on earth, for God had no other people. Yet, they chose most of the time to not be a people of God, but to follow pagan gods. God always had a remnant, but Israel was very unfaithful as a whole. Their purpose was never to replace the fallen angels. We do not die and become angels. Nowhere is this taught in Scripture. Angels were created at the beginning of creation as a separate and unique creation for various purposes, everything from overseeing nature to watching over us. Now to show that the phrase “Sons of God” in Genesis is speaking of angels, to show why these offspring are truly giants, he shows that all the Old Testament references to the Sons of God refer to angels. This is true. Then he goes to the New Testament and where the phrase is used to refer to Christians, he makes the leap from the passage that says that in the resurrection we will not marry but be like the angels in heaven who do not marry, to - we will become angels upon death. So the phrase Sons of God still refers to angels, it is just that we have not yet manifested as angels and won't until we die.

 Following this train of thought, as angels are shown to be stars throughout the Scriptures (this is true), this then means that we will become actual stars in the resurrection. The upshot of following this line of thought are the following quotes: “A third of the stars God cast out of heaven and He's going to use us to replace them.....When we shed off this flesh we are going to be as the angels of heaven..... Let's actually quote the Scripture. The Scripture says that when we are resurrected we become stars, we become as angels, okay? which are in heaven. The angels which are in heaven do not marry nor are given in marriage. Okay. They're not allowed to. It's not right, they're actually prohibited. It's in the law, okay?” So based on the statement that angels do not marry, and in the resurrection we will not marry, Hoggard makes the erroneous leap that we become angels. No. Yeshua did not become an angel. He is still Yeshua. And we will still be whom we are - resurrected humans, not angels. We do not marry in heaven, as procreation is not necessary. That was the purpose of marriage, to create families. It wasn't good for man to be alone, but in heaven we won't be alone. We will be with Yeshua and everyone else who loves Him. Marriage is a mortal institution, not a spiritual one. It is necessary because man dies and there needs to be progeny. Angels do not die, so they do not need progeny and therefore do not need to marry. Hoggard says, “let's actually quote the Scripture.” Okay, where is the Scripture that says in the resurrection we become stars? It's not in my Bible, and I use the King James Bible too. Scripture says in the resurrection we will not marry. There is a big difference between that and becoming a literal star. We are the Sons of God, because we have been adopted by God into His family through Christ Jesus, or Yeshua. This did not turn us into a different creation known as angels. Sometimes Hoggard takes these lines of thoughts of his simply too far.

One last thing that I caught in this sermon was his using a “word” to define something again. This time the word is “folly.” To continue to prove his point that the Sons of God were angels, he speaks about the passage in Jude that talks about the angels leaving their estate and are presently being held in chains. Now he says that God charges them with the crime of “folly” (Job 4:18) meaning sexual crimes. Now he admits that the word “folly” means “foolishness,” but as always, trying to over prove his point, he takes things beyond that which is correct. “Folly” does mean foolishness, it doesn't mean sexual sins. Hoggard says that he will let the Bible define the word “folly,” so he goes to several Scriptures that talk about events when sexual crimes took place that God called folly. For instance when someone raped Jacob's daughter it was called folly, and when a damsel played the whore, it was called folly. And when the Benjamites raped the concubine of the traveler it was folly. So according to Hoggard, in the mouths' of two witnesses (in this case he lists more than two) that means that this is the definition of the word. So in 2 Corinthians 11:1 when Paul asks them to bear with him in his folly his is speaking of his sexual crimes and is asking them to overlook them? Or when we are told in Proverbs to either answer or not answer a fool according to his folly, it's referring to sexual crimes? No. Here are two witnesses (by Hoggard's standards) that say it means something quite different. Folly means “foolishness” just as Hoggard admits right at the beginning. Trying to manipulate a word's definition to justify your point, when it is unnecessary, as the literal reading of the passage teaches the truth without needing this type of defense, is dishonest. When checked out, as I have done, it shows him to be deceitful as to the whole truth. Folly does not mean sexual crimes, it means “foolishness” and “stupidity”. Anyone who commits the acts of sexual crimes listed above are foolish and stupid in the extreme. But that does not change the definition of folly and it does not justify changing that definition to try to back up your viewpoint. Hoggard is correct in that the Sons of God who married the daughters of men were angels. The Scriptures bear that out by themselves. But to manipulate Scripture in this way to try to prove it just makes him look deceitful.

7/18/2012 - I just heard part of a sermon Mike preached against wine.  His exegesis is, as usual, very faulty.  Read what the Bible really has to say about alcohol here.

Parts 2 and 3 in this Hoggard series are located here.

2/10/13 Mike is now preaching against the Hebrew Roots/Sacred Name Movement.  In this I agree that they are a serious problem.  Here is my link to my article on this.


  1. You really need to listen to Mike Hoggard to see that he does teach from the Bible. He refers to it in one hand and points out the occult perversion of the Bible of the other texts. This is his whole point. He shows us that "marriage of the Sons of God and daughters of men" in Genesis 3 is being shoved down our throats in symbolism in Company Logos, symbols in music videos, books and movies. "They" are trying to desensitize us to this perversion. These symbols are everywhere. I believe that the UFO phenomenon (fallen angels)is part of the combination of heaven and earthly seed like in the days of Noah with the Nephilim. This is Mike's bigger message. You might have different interpretations of the "temple", but you have to see that the key is in our DNA. I never understood why God would destroy the world in a flood. But if man's gene pool was corrupted by Satan as well as the plants (as is being done today with hybrids) that would make a lot of sense. Please pray about this. I have watched so many of Mike Hoggard's videos and I have not heard him say anything about Christ coming in the clouds over and over, nor about people sacrificing demons. Even if he did say these things, in what manner were they said - sarcasm? I did google these topics and it led me to Mike Hoggard's videos. I think you are being very harsh and uninformed to think that Mr. Hoggard is not using God's word. He uses Bible quotes all the time. He puts them up on the screen for everyone to read. He insists on the King James version of the Bible and hammers home searching the scriptures. He preaches that God does nothing in secret, but these occult, Illuminati, satanic, mystery religions do everything in secret. Mike Hoggard uses the Bible to expose their plan of changing man's DNA to be Gods. I have never heard this anywhere else.

    1. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and you can listen to and believe whatever you wish that Hoggard preaches, however I must correct some things you said.

      1)I DID listen to many, many hours of Mike Hoggard's sermons, as I stated above before writing this article so as to be fair in my comments. 2) I didn't say he doesn't use the Bible, I said he a) spiritualizes it too much, b)he interprets by "revelation" rather than literal readings c)he often interprets things by occult knowledge rather than the reverse, and d)he spend too much time on the occult and not enough just preaching his texts. 3)He was not being sarcastic. He does not believe in the re-instituting of animals sacrifices. He did say demons in perfect seriousness.

      You many not have heard this stuff before, but actually Mike is very late to the party. This info has been out there for a long time. His "revelations" are nothing new. In fact, I don't think he even knows the entire extent of it, based on what I've heard him preach. There is a ton of literature and stuff online. It's not all coming from the same viewpoint though, which is why Hoggard's presentation might seem new to you.

      I do not feel I am being harsh. I stand by everything I said. I am a Berean and it is my job to point out when wrong doctrine or teachings are being taught. I do not apologize for calling him on teaching these errors. I don't know how much I might have missed, as I haven't listened to the thousands of hours he has out there. Just because he is teaching a lot of truth, doesn't mean we should shut our eyes to the errors. Error is like leaven. It multiplies rapidly and can ruin the whole thing.

    2. I am a Born-Again Christians, shouldn't we all desire to be baptised in the Holy Spirit, which I believe is evidenced by speaking in tongues?

      Shouldn't we all wait to be given the gift of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, before going out ministering to people,as in the book of Acts, at Pentecost? and that also means before we preach the gospel. Aren't signs and wonders meant to follow us? Aren't we meant to preach the gospel, cast out demons and heal the sick?

      I have heard that Pastor Mike is very skeptical about those Christians who speak in tongues and operate in the gifts of the Spirit. These gifts as far as the bible is concerned are for today.

      However, it seems that Pastor Mike, just goes to the Bible and asks God to be taught the bible, but refuses to be laid hands on from a preacher, who wishes to be used by God to annoint him with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, which will help Pastor Mike minister to others, it is what the baptism is for and for helping Mike, on an individual basis aswell.

      Yet he is very suspicious, and I can understand why, there are counterfeits out there. I have no problem with that, but surely it is sin to refuse the real Baptism of the Holy Spirit, could this offend God, yes, I believe?

      The Holy Spirit leads people into all truth?

      As far as I know, Pastor Mike hasn't been baptised in the Holy Spirit, which scriptually, is a separate experience to the Born-Again Salvation experience and a separate experience to being baptised in water by full immersion.

      Just an observation, here!

    3. Dear Marty400,

      You are of course entitled to believe anything you want, but I would have to say that my studies of Scripture have never shown that speaking in tongues is a requirement of receiving the Holy Spirit. I know that is what many believe, but just as I do not hold with other doctrines that do not have Scriptural backing, I cannot accept this one either.

      The initial outpouring of the Holy Spirit by tongues was 1) for the express purpose of being able to witness to all the various people in Jerusalem at the time and 2) in recognizable languages, not gibberish. In those early days, as the receiving of the Holy Spirit was a new manifestation, and as the initial group received Him via tongues, God chose to have the Gentiles receive the same manifestation as a sign to the Jews that God had also accepted them. Had they not received this sign, the Jews would have cast doubt upon their conversions. As initially the gospel needed to go out to all these areas with different tongues, God did give this gift to a number of the initial believers. But it was always in known tongues, for its purpose was to spread the gospel.

      By the time Paul was seeding new churches, this gift was becoming less given, as Paul teaches that there are many gifts of the Holy Spirit, and in fact tongues is the least of the gifts. Not only that, but when someone is given the gift, if spoken in public, it is to be translated by someone (hence it must be a known language), or it is not to be exercised. Also there are not to be a lot of people babbling at once, for that looks like everyone has gone mad. Paul specifically addressed this problem of people making tongues the measure of salvation in Corinthians, yet some people still want to insist it is necessary even though Scripture clearly teaches it is not. It is merely one of the gifts, and the least important at that.

      As for a “prayer” language that is unintelligible to anyone, Paul said that it is better to pray a few words that you understand than speak volumes of unintelligible gibberish. One never knows who is the author of the words and what is being said, and Satan can manifest this gift in people who lust after it, having them blaspheme God without their knowledge. It is a gift that can be easily manipulated and misused to the detriment of people's spiritual lives, so one should be very careful about desiring it, or demanding it of others.

      To give an example of this latter, I knew someone who attended a church where people were all speaking in tongues. One of the people happened to be speaking in a foreign tongue that this person understood. While the speaker thought they were glorifying God, this person heard them curse God and praise Satan for being their master. This is exactly why God demands that someone be able to interpret.

    4. thanks for the info on mike hoggard-- and on the Gifts of the spirit-- tongues as a personal prayer language- seems to be part of what saint paul approved of -- he did say that he prayed in tongues more than you all.
      BUT if the other spiritual gifting s are not there -- at some time and point- then it's time to reflect on what you are NOT doing correctly-- because it is rather easy- to prophecy --edification comfort and exaltation - the Holy Spirit will and does reveal the hearts of the person.
      but this controversy will go on -- until Jesus comes back-
      well that's my $.02 -- working4christ2

    5. Sir, Paul did not speak "Gibberish" when he spoke in tongues, rather he said"1Cor. 13:1  Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels". And what do you make of Cornelius' house, there was no interpretation of the tongues being spoken there. And if you would take a closer look at Acts you might notice that the gift of tongues in the upper room were not of an earthly language only outside on the street where the populace was did the language supernaturally speak to the various bystanders in their tongue. This Demonically inspired error is why the mainstream church died years ago. We removed God from the schools and then from the church. Mike Hoggard is Satanically inspired for sure, however you also are in great error denying the power of God.

    6. All I did was repeat what Paul said. If you have a problem with Paul's instructions as to how tongues was to be regulated, take it up with him when you see him. Paul wrote these instructions AFTER the upper room, and AFTER the church was practicing it in a way which was out of hand. So these instructions are for the church going forward from the time he gave them. It doesn't remove tongues, it controls them so that they do not become demonic manifestations. That is how we tell the real from the false. Interpretation.

    7. God the Holy Ghost does not speak "Gibberish". And while it is not understood by man it is understood by God. Calling this supernatural gift gibberish is akin blasphemy. People possessed by demons utter gibberish, Not God's Holy Spirit. It's obvious your walk with Christ has stopped short of this blessing and as a result you rely on human intellect instead of the power of God. Too bad, you have a wonderful mind that He could use. Pity.

    8. My entire answer won’t fit in one post, so I’ll put them underneath each other. First of all, thank you for the compliment that I have a wonderful mind, but you are thanking the wrong person. My mind is from God, for it is He who has given me all this understanding.

      I still stand by what Paul said. He said that it is better to pray with intelligence than not. That he would rather speak five words that he understands than ten thousand he does not. And he forbade people just babbling in a cacophony. He said that they should be quiet, if they had no interpreter or an interpretation to offer along with it.

      I do not call the gift of tongues itself gibberish, I am saying it is being abused. That Satan imitates it, knowing that some people see it as the only manifestation of having received the Holy Spirit will consequently pretend to have it, or allow Satan to use them to say things he wants them to say to blaspheme God. I related an incident where this actually happened. This is especially open to happening, if the person is in a church where it is required as evidence of having received the Holy Spirit, and they are not even truly born again, or if born again it is not their gift.

      Tongues is not the only gift given to manifest the Holy Spirit. I have the gift of prophecy, which Paul said is better than getting tongues. "I would that ye all spake with tongues, (meaning that he wants them to have some gift even if only tongues, which is not really all that useful in a practical sense) but rather that ye prophesied: for greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret, that the church may receive edifying." I have not heard of churches bothering with interpretations, which means they should be quiet if they don't. Thus the abuse and the opening for Satan.

      I am more blessed, not less, with the gift I have received. It is not my human intellect that I rely on, it is God's giving me wisdom and understanding of His Word that allows me to see and write about people like Hoggard, and see the doctrines of demons that are infiltrating the church. That first and foremost is what the gift of prophecy is about. It is having a real knowledge and understanding of God's Word and warning God's people of sin and judgment if they don't repent, not being a fortune teller. And in answer to your question, how can I know my prophecies are from God?

    9. Well first of all, they are not the kind that you see on Youtube. Those never come true. I don't forecast dates for the rapture, etc. I am not a fortune teller, unless you consider relating the prophecies already written in the Bible to people, for most people do not understand prophecy. My gift is seeing sin within the churches, going to the leaders of the church and warning them of it, and telling them that if they do not do something about it, judgment will fall. Sometimes it is the pastor who is violating God's Word and sometimes it is a general problem of apostasy. And sometimes God has me warn individual Christians. To date, I unfortunately have a 100% record of my warnings being fulfilled, for people do not take me seriously. I have seen close friends have their lives decimated. I grieve over it. I breaks my heart to see what has happened to those who ignored God's warning in the churches for they were all friends that I made while attending these churches.

      Getting back to tongues, how do you know it is NOT gibberish, if it is not interpreted? How would you know? You can't. In some cases it is coming from Satan. I gave one incidence where someone was able to translate it, and it was not from God. In other instances, I have listened to people speak in tongues and it Has been gibberish. Anybody knows that a language, heavenly or not, does not just babble three syllables over and over, which is what I heard. It has a structure and many words. Even if you don't understand it, if you know languages, which I have studied several myself, you recognize that it is a language. The only thing that speaking in tongues seems to be doing in my experience, is doing what you just did. You make a judgment that I am a lesser Christian than you, and maybe am possibly envious,(I am not) and in error of God's Word, because you figured I must not talk in tongues and am relying on my own intelligence rather than the Holy Spirit to help me discern God's Word through my gift of prophecy. The gift of tongues is just one gift; it is not the only one. Perhaps you need to go back and see what Paul has to say about it and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Remember the body is not just a mouth, it is a hand, a leg, a head, an arm, etc. All gifts are needful for the body, not just one that is self-edifying and which I find puffs people up to judge other Christians. Even denying that they are Christians in many cases. Think upon it.

  2. Good comments. What is a Berean? I am shocked that Satan's plan is to alter man's DNA. I never heard anything taught like this in Church. You said that he doesn't know the extent of it. What do you mean and can you explain with scripture so I can look it up?

  3. In Acts 17 it tells about the church in Berea who were considered more noble that the other churches in that they searched the Scriptures daily to see if what the apostles were preaching was actually true. Anyone who does not just accept what is taught by a preacher, no matter how popular he may be, to see if what he preaches is truly what the Scriptures say is called a Berean. That is how one avoids being led astray by wolves in sheep's clothing. As to the extent of what the enemy has planned, what they have planned and what they will be allowed to do by God are two different things. It isn't necessary that we know their plans(although some of us do). It is far more important to know what God says, as that WILL happen. Rather than search out the occult, which is an extremely dangerous thing to do (I know this from experiences that God has put me in)you need to study the Scriptures. I have another blog endtimesstudies.blogspot.com that starts in Genesis and goes through Revelation trying to take a literal approach to what the Word says. I do touch on the fact that the nephilim have been around a long time and have an agenda, but only from a speculative view to make people aware that there is a possibility of them returning, so people should be aware and prepared for that possibility, but not as something that is definitely going to happen. (I also have an article on this blog (in the archives) about the giants, nephilim and such from what the Bible teaches). We can see what the Bible says and the physical evidence of their existence, but we cannot prove what they have planned to do in the future, so to speak about what they may have planned in factual terms as Hoggard does is not the right thing to do. What you need to know for the future is what the Bible teaches for that alone is the truth. Everything else is just speculation.

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  5. Great research Connie and well put. Could I make a suggestion?

    Your article would be much easier to read if you reduce the size of your paragraphs and place blank gaps between these paragraphs. Also, it can be helpful (reading wise) if you break your article into several heading titles.

    God bless
    John Chingford

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the problem. When Google decided to upgrade to make blogging "better" it created havoc with some of my articles by removing paragraph returns and spaces between paragraphs. I have been trying to find all the problems and correct them, but it may take a while as I have two blogs and an awfully lot of posts.

  6. You all do not take scripture at face value, because you think the text says that angels had sex with humans. You all are part of the problem and, while you point out many false doctrines, as you should, as Hoggard, you are at least willing dupes in These end times apostasy. it is clear what the apostasy is from reading this blog: 'departing from the traditions' of the apostles, which is the definition in Strong's for the word "falling away" in 2nd Thess. 2:3. PAUL SAID IT CLEARLY: IF SOMEONE COMES PREACHING ANOTHER GOSPEL LET HIM BE ACCURSED. If someone told me that even if he came and told me something else different from what he first said, I should count him as accursed, I would take note of what he said (the scriptures he wrote) and if he changed it, that would seal his fate, and I would avoid him, just as I am warned to do. Simple problem and a simple solution. Fallen angels having sex with people = let them who teach this be accursed, because it is a different gospel than what we have received in scripture from the apostles, besides not being found in Ge. 6 or elsewhere. Just stick with the plain meaning people. Do not read into the text, and stay safe. The temple needs to be rebuilt and the son of perdition sit in the temple calling himself god before Christ comes. it is all there in Mt 24.

    1. I do take the Scriptures at face value, which is precisely why you have to accept that the Sons of God were angels. O.T. Scriptures define the Sons of God as the angels. Humans would not give birth to a race of giants. The sons of Seth were as wicked as everybody else. That's what the Scriptures say, so it makes no sense to call them the sons of God as they were not righteous. The belief in nephilim is not the gospel message, Christ is the gospel message, however there are plenty of other truths in the Bible other than the fact that Christ died for our sins. They do not constitute another gospel, simply truths. Hoggard teaches the giants are the gospel message which is what I object to. Yes, the temple will be rebuilt. My endtimes blog is all about that.

  7. 1 Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? 2 And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: 3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. 4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: 5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.
    Gen 3:1-5 (KJV)just like old times,i agree i don't believe evrything man teaches but one thing i know is Mike Preaches from the Word and has many referneces to back him up i say what you are saying is what the serpant said to eve"DID GOD REALLY SAY" i am a breann and understand your concern i have wondered about mike's preaching not really leading to the Godsel measesge but really God saved me through the english language and what i see is people changing the word of God to fit there world view and agenda,i don't speak greek or hebrew and i believe that God has reached me through the KJV english bible as he has to millions in the past 400 years,i think there is a lot of mudding the waters going on,i do agree it seems he does focus on the occult a bit much but the word tells us toStudy to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
    2 Tim 2:15 (KJV) so we will not be 11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.
    2 Cor 2:11 (KJV) i mean do you think Mike who preaches against false prophets is one Himself.

  8. please correct me if i am wrong cause
    i do not want to be misled

    1. I agree that the KJV is the most accurate translation of the Bible, not only because it is word for word as much as possible, but it uses the correct manuscripts. See my article in the archives on that subject under Jan. 2011. Mike uses the correct Bible, but often interprets or uses the verses less than accurately to defend things. He seems to treat the Masonic books as having as much truth as the Bible and sometimes seems to interpret the Bible in light of those books rather than the reverse. Read my other two articles on him which I just posted the other day to see why I am speaking out on what he teaches. He teaches much truth, but also much that is not truth. Are you a Berean to be able to weed out the truth from the other stuff? If not, you should be very careful about listening to him. We are to study the Scriptures, not the occult as much as he does. He's obsessed with it. Not good.

    2. It appears you're obsessed with trying to mislead others from listening to pastor Mike and it appears to be personal. I have been listening to Mike for almost two years and I would not come to the same conclusion as you.

    3. On the contrary, I have nothing personal against Mike for I do not know him. I only examine what he is preaching and speak on that. You notice that I commend him for the stand he takes on music and other things like the KJV. If you have no problem with the things I have pointed out that he is teaching, then that is your decision. There are others like myself who see a danger in some of the things he is teaching, as they are not scriptural. I am not obsessed with him, or I would constantly be writing about him. I wrote a few articles and then moved on. Perhaps you have not listened closely enough to what Mike is saying or perhaps your knowledge of the scriptures is not sufficient to realize that some of what he says is not scriptural. Many people are in that boat, for I find that few people really study their Bibles and therefore are not discerning. If you can ignore what I have pointed out in good conscience, then so be it.

    4. I have only just begun to watch Mike and his teaching, and while they seem to be far reaching. I find myself researching on similar topics. However, each day, I research the Bible as I do other topics, because we shall parish for the lack of knowledge. In other words, I believe it is important to know the things he discuss on his channel. Further, I feel you have missed the point of his watchman show. That is, it was specifically designed to discuss the things with which he discusses. If you, however, look at video's from his church sermons, he is all bible and is accurately interpreting the word. So it is better to access the entire person, in this case, when he researches, it is just that research, not all research is accurate and he is the first to tell you so. He is also the first to enlighten you to look up the information he states for yourself. So it may be a bit critical to judge him based upon his research, when in these cases the subject he is researching is the primary source, and not the word. The word is to back up the subject, and he is one of the only preachers out there that is willing to do so. God will correct him, in his own fashion whenever he needs correcting, but you wouldn't be the one to do so. It is better to tell your brother when you are offended than to blast him on an open forum. Where the love in that? And was it God who gave you 'revelation" to do so....be blessed- Jene'

    5. Jene,
      I am not blasting Mike as a person. For all I know he's a very nice man. I don't know the man personally. I am judging his teachings. There's a difference. We are told in Scripture that we are to be Bereans and check what is being taught. Those who are not teaching the truth should be warned against, so that the immature in Christ do not accept everything that wolves in sheep's clothing say. Remember that Satan can quote the Bible too, and he always mixes truth with the lies so that the lies are more palatable. We should not dismiss the error in a person's teachings simply because some of what they teach is correct. We need to expose the error.

      It is not the subjects Mike preaches on, per se, to which I object. It is that he is twisting Scripture to fit his theories and using Satanic sources to interpret the Bible in many cases. You are right in that he says to check him. Well, I have done exactly that and found him to not be accurate or truthful about many things. Should I remain silent on this? The problem is, Mike doesn't use the Word to back up the research on the Satanic sources, he uses the Satanic sources to interpret the Bible. God doesn't tell us to wait for Him to correct someone before we judge their teachings. We are supposed to have studied the Scriptures well enough to be able to judge the teachings ourselves. It is our job to do so. I have written to Mike. That was my first response as the Bible says to do. He accepts no criticism or correction from anybody. Often he does not respond to people at all. Especially if they disagree or criticize him. I am not the only one who has tried to speak or write to him. He refuses correction from anybody, and in fact if you try to reason with him, he gets more than just a little defensive and somewhat disagreeable in return. And not always in private. I have heard him rant about one woman in particular because she had the audacity to question something he said in front of others. He felt the need to relate the story on air and ranted about her over the course of several shows, shredding her character in his anger. Was this necessary? Was it loving and Christian? You chastise me for questioning his TEACHINGS saying I am not loving. Where was the love in him in this case? Where was his humility considering that the correction might be valid? The love I have is the love for God's truth and not allowing it to be distorted. Unlike Mike, I don't wait for special "revelation" to come to me via miraculous insights that pop into my head. I study the Word of God and compare what is being taught to what God says. It's called studying to show myself approved unto God rightly dividing the Word of Truth. And who gave me permission to do so? God has. It's in his Word. You have His permission to do so also.

    6. thanks for the post.l must say l dont agree with hoggard either, ln fact l'm suspicious of his motives for being ln the ministry.

    7. His motive? Is he trying to get rich? No he receives $0 for all or any of youtube views. Must be that huge fancy church building he has, have you seen it? Must be all that money he charges for his many books and DVD collection.

    8. His motive is clear, He's a plant by the enemy, most likely a Jesuit. Notice in like, the preachers consumed with a particular sin are usually secretly bond by it. The List is almost endless of exposed hypocrites in the church world.

  9. I dove deep into watching his videos and to me it was like finding a gold mine of "Truth"... not only teaching from God's Word, but also the deceptions of the Enemy that surround us... the things you know are there but you can't quite make out what or where they are.

    THEN I made some home videos of the sky (due to our locally HEAVY chemtrail activity and sun halos etc. During the process of making those, I realized that there were "orbs" in the chemtrails and clouds that chemtrails form into. I saw them with my eyes, and I examined my videos and images carefully, and they were definitely there. I showed them to my close family members and tested them to make sure they did see them (not just agreeing with me).
    My point is, that these orbs ARE there and they could ONLY be supernatural.

    I thought all I would need to do is inform Pastor Mike of these orbs and he would jump all over it and warn everyone. I sent him images, videos, etc. I emailed him. I left him voicemails. I messaged his webmaster, "Jazz", explaining that this information was URGENT and Pastor Mike would want to warn others asap.

    Well, the man who slaps the label "Watchman" over his videos finally replied to me after days of exhaustive efforts to get his attention. His response was "Just normal clouds". So discouraged, I thought he just doesn't see it ... maybe his screen is bright or his vision bad etc. So I didn't give up! I worked another day to assemble BETTER images for him and I emailed him asking if I called him if he would answer and talk with me so I could explain this to him because IT IS REAL. His reply to me was "can I give you some sound biblical advice?"

    Well, that was like dropping a bomb on me... I "knew" he didn't really care about the Truth then. I mean, he didn't even TRY to understand what I was working so hard to show him. And besides, the orbs were clearly visible in the images and videos I sent him.

    It was agonizing for several days to feel so all alone with this information and NO ONE to acknowledge it or warn others in a Christian manner.

    It was also a "major red flag" to me that he is only posing as a Christian himself. So I asked myself, "but why?" Like, what purpose would there be to do what he is doing if not genuine? Then I thought of something, and it's not pretty. He is attracting those of us who are the hungriest for the truth. Those of us who are the MOST against the Antichrist system that is here and soon to come. It could be a trap... it could be a way to put us on a list and have it all ready for the Antichrist system to rise and dispose of us kind.

    1. I do not agree with a lot of Mike Hoggard's teachings and reactions to people (he's not good at taking advice, criticism, or information from others), but if you want to understand why he did that, I think I can explain. First, if he is just a duped Christian that Satan is using as a pawn, he is going to be suspect of anyone whom he thinks might be trying to hoax him so as to discredit him, and he is working hard to not be discredited, as he wants as many followers as possible. He does not know whether you are legitimate or not (and probably doesn't care either), so he is doing what many would do under the same circumstances, he's just avoiding dealing with it. There are a lot of hoaxers out there and anti-Christians who have no scruples about doing something like that. Second, if he is a poser, (which I won't actually declare he is at this point, but I do think he is rapidly joining the Harold Camping camp (which was definitely an antichrist system), to lead those hungry for truth astray), he is certainly not going to present any real evidence that people might give him, as that would actually put people on guard that something is happening and defeat the purpose of leading them elsewhere.

      As for your videos, if you want as many people as possible to view them, I would suggest uploading them to the internet and more specifically Youtube. It seems to be the best and fastest way to reach people with anything you want them to know. That's why I blog. Don't look to others to do it for you, do it yourself. If you post them, please send me the link.

  10. Connie,
    I started reading your article on Hoggard and I had to stop reading when I got to the section where you say:
    "the whole idea of the angels having procreated with man before and after the Flood, and most probably continuing to do so, need not be discovered through “revelations” about a Satanic book. It is taught straight out in the Bible without having to go through all this hoopla..."

    I couldn't continue reading because you are completely deceived about this.
    Please read this article and get out of that doctrine of demons:

    Grace and Peace

  11. Paul,
    I'm sorry that you did not keep reading simply because you disagreed as you should know what Mike Hoggard is teaching. I doubt that you will come back to read my answer, but God's Word is clear about this subject. People do not produce races of giants that are the height of the cedars of Lebanon,(which grow to 130') for this is how God Himself describes them. (Amos 2:9) He is not exaggerating here for effect. He is being truthful. Exaggeration is lying and God does not lie. Where do you think all these myths of half-human, half-god people come from. They are the corrupted stories of what actually happened. It is not a doctrine of demons, it is a biblical doctrine ABOUT demons.

    The article you referenced has some errors. First you do not interpret an Old Testament usage of a word from the New Testament meaning. The Sons of God in the Old Testament did not refer to human believers. It referred to angels only. Secondly, just because angels do not marry does not mean they are sexless. The Bible teaches that there are female (Zechariah 4) and male angels. How can there be both if they are sexless? They do not marry because marriage is a human institution for the purpose of procreation. Angels have no need of procreation, being immortal beings who cannot die. We will no longer need marriage in heaven either.

    God says that all of mankind except for Noah was evil. Yet the sons of Seth theory says that they were believers, Sons of God, who took daughters of non-believers. Well this is illogical given that God said that everyone, including Seth's descendants were wicked beyond measure. That's a huge problem that sons of Seth theorists tend to ignore.

    Read my article on the nephilim on this blog and maybe it will help you understand better.

  12. I recently discovered Pastor Mike.Fascinating listening to what he says.I just don't agree to eating at McDonalds and drinking coke - things he seems to enjoy.That's about it so far.

  13. Connie, i'm new to this so pardon me.
    Does Mike Hoggard believe in Dispensations or Rightly dividing the truth.
    i saw a video where he said he did not to one of these, i think,but i cannot find that video.

    1. Hi KJVBible1611,

      Based upon the fact that he does not seem to believe in a pre-trib rapture (or at least that seems to be what I have gathered), that would mean that he probably does not believe in dispensations the way they are generally thought of. I have not heard him preach on it in all the things I've listened to. As to what his or his church's statement of faith is, I haven't been able to find it. They do not post it on their website that I can find. And Mike doesn't seem to preach doctrine or teach anything clearly. He is murky in his stand on what he believes at times, and wanders so much that it is really hard to follow him and pin down what he believes. He mainly preaches about the Masons, the occult, DNA, and giants. You really don't learn much in the way of the Bible from him, but you sure learn a lot about Freemasonry.

      I came across this website and found it really interesting. You might too.

  14. Connie - Like the apostles, Pastor Mike is humble, doesn't charge for God's word. He teaches from the KJV and researches everything prior to talking about it. You have confirmed to me that he is doing a wonderful job because satan is using you to try and discredit him. You need to open your ears and mind and stop twisting things around that he says. Yes there are many apostates out there but he isn't one of them and who made you judge & jury to make this decision? Pastor Mike is a blessing to those who listen to him. He speaks truth which most don't want to hear now days. As far as giants are concerned you obviously don't read the Bible because they are mentioned numerous times in there whether you choose to believe it or not. You are the one misinforming people, not Pastor Mike. Shame on you. What does it matter if Christ comes for us pre or mid trib? He is coming and that is what we should focus on.

    1. I do not believe I accused him of charging people, although he does sell books, doesn't he" And there were ads on his internet sites. I don't charge for God's Word either. I chose to rewrite and put my book in blog form (different blog) instead of publishing and making people buy it to get the info. And I do not have advertisements on any of my blogs to gain money. Does that count in MY favor?

      A person's humility is irrelevant if the teachings are not scriptural. I am sure the Pope seems humble too.

      I also teach from the KJV and research everything prior to posting on it, so if all the above mentioned are the criteria you use for a person to be a good teacher, then I should qualify for as much credibility as he has. I spent months listening to him and checking what he said before writing about him. I didn't need to twist anything he said. His own words work against him. I can quote him (and do a lot more in my other articles) and that is sufficient to show the problem without my having to do a thing. I researched his Bible Code (which I wrote about in another article) and was a good Berean checking all he said. I do have my eyes and ears open, which is why I am catching these subtle things he is teaching that are not right that other people are not catching.

      Who made me judge? God has told us to check everything that someone teaches against His Word and not just accept it at face value. It's called being a Berean. I am not judging his heart, I am judging his teachings. We are all supposed to do that.

      As far as giants go, I do read the Bible and had you actually read my article, you would have seen that I do believe in them. In fact I wrote an article on them (in my archives). However the Bible mentions nothing of a third DNA strand (Mike is using occult sources for much of his info) nor does the Bible teach that the mark of the beast is to give us this third strand, which is what he teaches. It simply is not in the Bible and he should not teach it as if it is.

      The shame is not on me for catching him in his machinations (the Bible code is totally bogus), but on people who accept everything he says without question, never checking him against the Word of God.

      I am not misinforming people. Apparently a lot of other people are bothered by his teachings, considering how many people are coming to my article by googling the phrases "Mike Hoggard wrong" or "Mike Hoggard apostate" or "Mike Hoggard false prophet" etc. I'm not talking a few people in the teens or even hundreds. I'm talking in the thousands. Many are concerned about his teachings.

      As for Christ's coming and gathering us, that happens at the last (7th) trump, just as Christ Himself and Paul taught. It matters in that if you don't understand that you will be going through the tribulation, you will not be prepared to do so.

      Lastly, you can listen to him all you want. My article is for people who have noticed that there is something amiss and want to know what it is, not people who think he can do no wrong.

    2. Hoggard is anything but humble. Many people throughout the years have contacted him about some things he says. He doesn't respond back. Many have left his church, because he is so arrogant and prideful of himself. You truly don't know him. He is also a heretic. Years ago teaching against the Pagan Holidays, but last I know he partakes in them. Ha! He talks out of his mouth both sides. God says in his word, do NOT say the name of other gods, yet Hoggard says them multiple times a day, every day. God say don't touch the unclean thing, but Hoggard has those "books" (Mason, and other New Age books),beside him constantly, like their gold or something. He focuses on the dark side. I learned a lot about the dark-side, Masons, Illuminati, etc. but never learned anything valuable about the Word of God from him. Beware!!!

    3. Do you personally know Michael Hoggard? A part from Jason Cooley hardly any of these YouTube preachers ever respond back and we all say the name of Pagan gods everyday...they are in our calender.

    4. I have never watched anything by Mike Hoggard that had an advertisement.

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  17. A comment was sent to me privately expressing the concern that I am making much ado about nothing. That misinformation is not a threat to people, so why should Christians contend for these things. That it is not very Christian to argue (although Mike and I are not arguing, I am just pointing out that his teachings are not all scriptural). It has been stated that the only thing that matters is Christ crucified and that Mike preaches this.

    Well, I have to disagree with that. First, I rarely if ever have heard him preach just the salvation story, unless he has a special broadcast where he does that on occasion. He seems to spend most of his time on the Masons and giants, not the plan of salvation. Second, are not these other doctrines of any importance? Cannot wrong doctrines lead to a wrong Jesus? Ask Harold Campings followers how they feel right now. Did not all these other doctrines lead them into shipwrecking their faith?

    There are many doctrines out there, but only one truth. Are we not to contend for the faith or that truth? I thought we were told to do exactly that. I thought we were told to be Bereans checking everything against the Word of God. I will post again some quotes taken right from Mike's lips and ask, does anyone have a problem with these statements? Should I not try to point out they are not correct? Where is discernment? Here are the quotes.

    “New Testament doctrine, the DOCTRINE OF SALVATION OF THE GENTILES, and the fact that God took Israel and said, 'I'm done with you for a while,' that whole doctrine, you know what it's based on? It's BASED UPON THE FACT THAT THESE WERE GIANTS. (He's referring to the passage in Numbers where the spies came back with reports of giants in the land.) ......Paul BASED THE ENTIRE DOCTRINE ON WHETHER OR NOT YOU CAN TO TO HEAVEN, enter into your rest, HE BASED HIS ENTIRE DOCTRINE UPON THIS STORY right here. It's called the provocation...... This is how important this (believing in giants) is............ALL THESE WONDERFUL BIBLE DOCTRINES, we've been MISSING it for years. THEY'RE ALL BASED ON THESE STORIES OF GIANTS."

    I don't know about the rest of you, but my salvation is not based upon giants. Nor do I think that Paul was teaching that they were. Our salvation of both Gentile AND JEW are based upon Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. Nor are all the other doctrines of the Bible based upon giants. So the question is, is it important to contend for the faith or not?

    1. Good job Connie, keep warning people. He is dangerous. He is either deceived himself, or a deceiver, I think it may be the last one. Many people fall for him, I did for awhile, but praise YHVH for the discerning of spirits!!! Blessings.

    2. Thank you. It is nice occasionally to have people see the truth and agree with me rather than taking me to task for being a Berean and exposing a wolf in the midst of the flock.

    3. Sister, although we disagree on the doctrine of speaking in tongues, please continue to expose the Apostasy of people like Mike. He is a very, very dangerous heretic not unlike the subtle heresies of Billy Graham. I personally know a pastor that started following his demonic teachings and is now a flatearther and numerology fanatic. We have been commanded to disciple others to spread the Gospel, not occultist knowledge. The Apostles never taught filth, but it is openly and shamelessly on display in churches everywhere. Good Job Connie! Carry on.

  18. well you replys were well thought out-- and i appreciate it!

    meaning i now see the points of bibical error-- or rather - the personal commentary-- that mike was engaged in..but would you review his evualation on 09/27/09 - Sid Roth promoting Witchcraft and False Prophets - Michael Hoggard --

    because -- it would appear that -- every thing spiritual -- in manifestation is demonic-- and he dosen't seem to have a "balanced " reference to "modern day prophets?"

    you being a BERiem -- do you recognize acceptable modern day prophetic ?

    thanks working4christ2

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    2. Thanks for commenting RCAFoF-h. Your question about prophecy and prophets was such a good one that I decided to write an entire article on it. You can find it here at this link. http://bibleconundrumsandcontroversy.blogspot.com/2013/03/is-there-such-thing-as-prophet-today.html

      What I do want to comment on here, is the sermon video that you asked me to check. As I said at the beginning of this article, Mike does preach some things that are very good. I do not dispute that some of what he says is spot on. But when Satan wants people to believe lies, he couches them in truth, which is why everything Mike says must be weighed against Scripture and why I have a problem with him. Not everything he says is truth, but because he takes such a strong stand against apostate things, it leaves people open to believing everything he says. In the case of the sermon you mentioned, for once I am on Mike's side about this guy, as in this case he is mainly speaking the truth. I have written against contemplative prayer, the Christian Identity movement, and warned to be careful about visions and dreams as well as some other things that he is against (or for) that I am too. To see where I stand on all these various issues, or rather what the Bible teaches, you can check out my archives for the articles. This guy being interviewed within Mike's video is totally into New Age practices. He should be avoided.

      I did say that Mike is mainly speaking the truth. The irony of Mike's sermon in this case is that he says that “if you want to hear the voice of God you should read the Bible”, and “studying God's Word isn't good enough anymore.” He is guilty himself of the very thing he is preaching against. He is always saying that his interpretations and new understandings come via “revelation” rather than reading and studying the Word of God. He is doing exactly the same thing that the people he is condemning do. It is just that he isn't doing it exactly the same way. He takes God's Word and spiritualizes it and redefines it and makes up stuff (like his Bible codes). I think he spends more time in the Masonic books than he does in the Bible, as they have a place right next to it on his desk. He refers to them as much or more than the Bible. He gets many of his theological ideas from them rather than the Bible. For him studying God's Word isn't good enough either. And what are “revelations” if not hearing the voice of God outside of the Bible?

      Just as a quick heads up on where I stand about prophets and what I wrote in my article on it, I do believe in the gift of prophecy, but there are some strict guidelines about it, and we need to be very careful not to accept anything and everything being said by so-called “prophets.” God warns about the false prophets, even in our day.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Charlotte, why did you remove your comment? You are perfectly free to call me a phony, for all to see, if you want. I am inured to the slings and arrows of man. I only answer to God. Or did you not want people to see what you were calling me, so that they might not think less of you? If you think I am a phony, do I not need being publicly exposed also, as I do with Mike Hoggard, and should that not be the job of every Christian, to expose false teachings? Why be so embarrassed to share your accusation and go about it in a way to make sure that only I could see it?

      May I ask, however, a phony what? A phony Christian perhaps, because I use discernment and check everything against the Word of God and speak out against those who are distorting it and teaching things that are not Scriptural? I fail to see what is phony about what I am saying. Maybe you could enlighten me? After all, an accusation does need some evidence to support it. Otherwise it is called false witnessing.

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    1. Hi Ballerina,

      I agree with you that Hoggard can be helpful on some issues, but that on others he is off. The gifts have not ceased, but they are being abused and misinterpreted, but that is a different thing entirely from cessation. I also agree that one's ministry should not entirely consist of exposure or of things that are the truly extreme sort of things. I have two blogs, one is strictly Bible study on eschatology (from Genesis to Revelation) and this one is topical including some exposing of false teachers. It's good to keep things balanced. Unfortunately Mike doesn't really do much Bible study from what I've observed. And nobody should be put on a pedestal. It's idolatry. I don't mind long responses. People need to say what they need to say.

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  22. Ballerina,

    I hope you check back because I agree with much of what you said in your private message to me. Trust me I have been called some names which are not printable. At least I refuse to print them.

    If you check my other articles, I think you will find that many of them touch on what you were saying about other doctrines and that I agree with you on them. It is unfortunate that so many people only are brainwashed in their theology because they grew up being taught what to believe and why to believe it, and never question it by reading the Bible themselves. Yet they despise other faux-Christian groups who also do that - for not having a mind of their own and questioning things which the Scriptures do not bear out. All you can do is cling to the truth yourself and check everything you read or hear against Scripture, so that you stay on the right path yourself. And just shut your ears to the slings and arrows of man, because Christ told us that we would experience that when we follow Him. Just remember when they do that "great is your reward in heaven".

    1. Thank you for support! And it's encouraging to come across like-minded believers! I deleted all my other comments, for privacy reasons. But I will definitely check back on your writings and read your other articles. God bless you!

    2. Connie, some good work as a berean on mike hoggard..I like mike he has some truths and some misses..gleen the best from guidance by the best teacher the Holy Spirit...I'm with you and bare witness to your aticles..hey have you heard of Arnold Murry and the shepherds chapel ..simlar misses but teaches cain is product of the relation between eve and the glistening one..comment please thanks...skip

    3. Hi Skip,
      Thanks for the compliment. Mike does have some good things to say, but it's the error you have to watch out for, because those errors are doozies. I have an article on Arnold Murray over in the archives in March 2012 that you can read. He is really off base with his teachings. Today I found some info that showed that a lot of his teachings are coming from the Illuminati sources that want to discredit Christianity as we know it. He is truly a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    4. Error always rides in on the back of truth! Beware of who you listen too. I listened to Mike for a few years, and was a member of his "private group, watchman Community. You would think he is God the way some of those people hold him up. They wouldn't know error if it slapped them in the face, because they have him so high on a pedestal. Some sweet folks, but so naive. Very sad. Oh, by the way, his lady friend, Jazz, who does all his computer work on his shows, etc...totally a New Age person. I wish I could show you the poem she had posted on her web-page...Yikes!! I'm not sure if it's still there or not, but it's bad.

  23. Connie: Once I got to your comment about the pre-trib rapture, I had to write you because you are being so deceived.

    So I ask the Lord a while ago on my drive home (I always talk to him on my drive in and out of town) to please reveal to me the truth about the rapture and the tribulation.

    At that time I shared a link on you tube called After the Tribulation: The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Fraud Exposed by Pastor Steve Anderson.

    It’s so true that if you seek, you will find as God tells us in the bible. Now I have learned more about the 7 year tribulation at the end of time. It’s a fraud too. The devil is trying to steal the glory of Jesus.

    No one up until the early 1800 ever heard about a Rapture or a 7 year tribulation. The 7 year tribulation was made up by a Jesuit Priest by the name of Riberas. The Roman Catholic Jesuit Priest have been infiltrating protestant churches since Martin Luther revealed to the world how they were being deceived.

    Daniel 9:27
    And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

    Matthew 26:27-28 (KJV)
    27 And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it;
    28 For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

    Daniel is prophesying 500 years earlier about Jesus starting with His baptism, crucifixion and the Apostles spreading the gospel not some futuristic 7 year tribulation.

    Theologians believe one week in the bible means 7 years, so that is where some people get the 7 year tribulation from.

    And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease means Jesus was baptized at the beginning of 7 years and then started his ministry.

    Then 3-1/2 years later he was crucified. So because of the Blood of Jesus, blood sacrifice and offerings were no longer required. The Old Covenant was done and the New Covenant began.

    The next 3-1/2 years, the True Apostles went out to spread the Gospel of Christ to the Jews. But they wouldn’t believe so God set them aside for a while and sent the True Apostles out to spread the Gospel of Christ to the Gentiles.

    Jesus is confirming this in Matthew 26:28 For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

    So what the devil has done is made people believe there is a 7 year tribulation where he will rule before Christ comes back. He is trying to steal the glory of Jesus that Daniel prophesied about.

    Jesus did not say anywhere in the bible that we would be raptured out of here before the perilous times. He said he would protect us and that we WOULD HAVE TRIBULATIONS AND PERSECUTIONS.

    Jesus is only coming back once and those that believe in him will rise up to meet him in the air. No second chances.

    Jesus said He would come back when it is like the days of Noah before the flood. When people didn’t believe in God and had turned to other gods. Just like it is now. Amazing how much God has been removed from society in the last 50 years.

    Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

    God Bless
    Jacquie Jantz

    1. Jacquie,

      Thank you for your comment, but I am puzzled as to where on earth you got the idea that I am pre-trib? I do nothing but write against it on both my blogs. It is a lie from the pit of hell. You must have misread something I wrote, for believe me, I would never endorse pre-trib. Perhaps I was quoting something to point out something someone else said, but I know I never said there was a pre-trib rapture. There is a seven year period, for Daniel teaches that. You might want to go to my sister blog to read about that. It is not the tribulation. It is merely the seven years God promised Israel to finish up his covenant with them. During that time there will be a time of great tribulation, but it is not 3 1/2 years long. Please read my end times blog thoroughly to understand what I teach about this. You have not understood me at all.

  24. I read the first part of this post into a video.

  25. It is good to know the truth about Mike Hoggard's teaching. Agree on your assessments. He teaches way too much on weird things, that have nothing to do with the Word of God.
    Have been trying for a long time to figure out, just what he believes on salvation. Video on "two religions" and how God has done "for us". http://youtu.be/xNG-vCnhMr4 His Pastor Mike Online teaching on 2/25/14 at the 22:25 mark to the 24:10 mark. Listen carefully. Some of his words. "There are two religions in the world. Only two! Do and done, two religions. Who's religion are you in? Witchcraft is a religion of do."
    Mike Hoggard speaks against the doers and at other times totally against works, and equating works with the law from Romans. We are not saved by works before we are born again, but after we are born again, God want works out of love for him. James chapter 2 tells us, "faith without works is dead". Romans and James agree together.
    God does require much as born again believers, more than Hoggard would have us believe. According to him, God has done everything for us, and we don't have to do much at all. He needs to do a word study on the "do's" in the New Testament. The "IF's" also.
    We have listened to him for a long time, and even had a group for him on our website; and his videos throughout. However, after the 2/25/14 program, we have removed him. We don't want to lead anyone astray.

    1. Wow, he's really gone overboard now. Calling the Old Testament Laws witchcraft? He is saying God hates all those "If thou shalt do this, then I will do that"? Is he aware that God made all those rules he is calling witchcraft? I didn't listen to his whole sermon, just the part you pointed out. He is one of those who thinks that you have no obligation to do anything for Christ in return. I guess he needs to read the Scriptures, because they are full of the message that we do need to "do" as he puts it. Christ may have paid the penalty for our sins, but that does not negate our need to work out of faith with the works God gives us to do, and to run the race set before us. He is getting worse as time goes by. Just as I predicted. Another Harold Camping in the making.

  26. Thank you very much for looking into the video I posted today, and your opinion on it. Your so right! There are so many things the Word of God instructs us to do as born again believers, throughout the New Testament. There's a lot to abiding (remaining) in the vine, as we walk on the narrow way that leads to life. Matthew 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
    John 15:4 Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.
    Word studies are helpful, as Mike Hoggard did the two words "for us" in the video. But, in order to understand the "for us" that Christ has done for us; it's important to have the whole counsel of God. The emphasis he was trying to convey, "for us" is taken out of context. And what we are suppose to "do" in our walk, is not mentioned.

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  29. Connie: Have been doing more research on Mike Hoggard's teaching. Hope you don't mind me putting the link here. The info is shocking to me. When you click on the link, scroll down on the page. There are two pages.
    Proclaiming The Truth http://www.hiswordfirst555.ning.com/
    Click on groups, Scroll down on page to see the Discernment group. Scroll down and you will see the subject. Mike Hoggard Leaven in his Teaching
    Click on the title, and you will see the two pages of info as you scroll down on the page. Sorry, that's it's so complicated.

    1. Hi Margie. Thanks for the link, I was going to ask you for it. I stopped doing research on Mike Hoggard, because after three articles I figured if that didn't dissuade people from listening to him, nothing would. I didn't want to waste any more time on him. He's not worth my time.

      Mike's problem is that he spends 100% of his time in the occult writings instead of the Scriptures and believes that whatever they say is what is going to happen. He interprets God's Word by his occult sources, interpreting the Word to fit Satan's plans. People need to be at least marginally aware of Satan's methods and attacks, for to hide your head in the sand to what is blatantly going on around us isn't good because that leaves you open to deception too, but there should be just enough to make yourself aware of his nets so that you spot them. The best way to be prepared to avoid his nets is to have a thorough familiarity with the Scriptures and doctrines, and especially through them to know God and who He is and what His plans are. True understanding about the end times comes from God's Word not Masonic books.

      Satan may have his plans, but that doesn't mean they are going to happen. To teach people that the truth is what Satan is planning is just another ploy of Satan. Only God has the truth about the end times. Hoggard is leaving his people entirely unprepared, for they don't know what the real truth of what God's Word says is. If one only listens to him, one would think the entire Bible is about nothing but the nephilim and giants and DNA. That Satanic forces run this world and that it is as in the days of Noah in the depths of depravity is not in question. All the more reason to be in the Word of God learning as much as possible.

    2. Connie and Margie, I have been reading your comments about Mike Hoggard's teachings. I agree with what both of you have discovered. Contrary to comments of your words being too many Connie, I couldn't disagree more. I commend you for taking the time to warn others. Much damage can come from a little leaven, or in the case, an overdose. I used to listen to Mike too. There is a brother on utube that goes through all of the problems Mike has with "rightly dividing the word of truth". He exposes Jazz, who is a vital part of his ministry. Her personal webpage is very new age. Anyway, It might interest you both, and others who really want to know more, to listen to "The Watchman Has No Clothes". He has gone through Mikes teachings with a fine tooth comb, and as you did
      Connie, he cared enough to straighten things out. It was a blessing to me, and I pray also, that it will be the same for others who are interested in truth.

    3. Thank you Grace through Faith for being so supportive. I'm glad others are finally picking up the banner and waving it. When I first wrote on Mike I seemed to be the only one out there doing so. As there are now others speaking out, I don't think I need add more. I already spent far too much time on these articles I have written on Mike. I had been told about Jazz's page long ago, but when I went there could not find it. I assume it had been removed. Without evidence I do not speak on something as I don't like working from second hand knowledge. But notice I did mention the promotion of Disney on his Bible study, because I did see that.

      I don't know if you read my other two articles, but having spent months researching and listening to tons of hours of Mike, so that I could write fairly and accurately on what he teaches, I feel that the three articles I did write are either going to be sufficient to dissuade someone from listening to him, or nothing is going to stop them from listening. I cannot write on every single thing he preaches and I don't think that more words will accomplish anything. I've exposed his Bible code, I've shown how he teaches with a brainwashing technique by tearing apart an entire sermon, and I covered a number of things in this article showing how he does not rightly divide the Word of truth. If that won't convince people, nothing will.

      Like the man in hell when he asked if Lazarus could go back and talk to his family, Abraham told him "They have Moses and the prophets, let them hear them. If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded." When people don't want to listen, it doesn't matter who is talking or how much they say, they won't listen. I feel I have spent enough of my own time on Mike to warn others. I don't intend to let Mike waste any more of my time from more precious pursuits by listening to his faulty teachings, which do not uplift my life in any way. There are other things and people that also need to be addressed other than Mike. Spending all my time on him after having exposed him would just be non-productive for God. That is why it is a waste of time for me, not that warning others is a waste of time. I've already written enough to expose him. Nothing further should be necessary. I needed to move on to other topics that also needed to be addressed.Others are now picking up the ball and running with it when it comes to Mike. That shows that I've done my job.

  30. Amen! Agree Connie. Somehow, after we dropped his group on our site, I bumped into this blog. Because I was looking for info on him, to make sure we were doing the right thing in exposing him. The Lord was faithful to provide the proof and leading. Because he is leading many into darkness, we went ahead and posted the truth about him. This was not an easy thing to do, because we had listened to Pastor Mike Online for a long time; and really liked him. It was that one show recently, that I shared here that struck us about the "two religions"; that motivated our research. Thanks, again for giving your insights. Would it be ok, if we shared your last post on our site? If not we'll understand. Thanks!

    1. Please feel free to share anything I have written on this or any other matter on my blog that you might agree with. Don't worry about making sure I get the credit. I am not all that concerned about getting credit for what I write as merely getting the truth out there. Some people want credit or even to be paid for their "insights" into God's Word and get very upset if others use their work. I figure God will reward me if I need rewarding. Otherwise it is far more important to just get truth out there.

    2. I have recently been shown through the Holy Spirit that Mr. Hoggard is spending to much time with what the idol worshipers and satanists believe in. Also in one of his videos he states that he does NOT teach the same themes to his congregation in is church. Interesting. I am only recently been born again, and I assure you he is not the first one that it has been revealed to me as one teaching half truth and half lies. He is just not as obvious. I am leaning what to look out for in all their tactics of deception.I am just yearning for so much info that I cannot read nor study the Bible fast enough. I want to learn so much and tell anyone I meet. That's a good thing, I hear. :) I Guess, I'll just keep moving on to the next one. I just cant believe there r so many misleading and deceitful shepherds out there. It makes me quite sad sometimes. God Bless you ALL.

    3. The Holy Spirit is the best teacher you can have. Quiet honestly you are better off going through your Bible with Him than with any human teacher. The fact that you already are spotting these deceptions means that God has you on a path to truth via the Holy Spirit, so I would suggest you just stay with Him as your teacher, comparing Scripture against Scripture, and believing that God means what He says, instead of trying to find some ethereal spiritualized meaning in Scripture. As you grow in the Word, you will understand the deeper significances, but let the Lord show you them, don't just take in what any and every preacher says it means. God bless.

  31. Wonderful! Thanks! We feel the same way. Feel free to take anything on our site that you need also. The main thing is, getting the word out. Appreciate all your efforts for truth of the gospel.

  32. I appreciate the courage of anyone who exposes a false teacher. Connie, you are right about what satan does, weaving truth in with his lies. Unless the hearer knows the scripture well, they can fall into the trap. I did! I listened to Mike for hours and hours also. I thought I had found a gem. But, after a time, I realized that there were major problems. Mike is not sure of his own salvation! In my opinion, he spends an unhealthy amount of time on things other than the gospel. Also, Jazz in her "about me" page, is involved in the "new age movement." When Jesus said wolf in sheeps clothing, He meant, a sweet likable appearance! That is what drew me to Hoggard. Pay close attention to his words people. Read your bibles!! He makes a mess out of dividing the word of truth, and when he can't explain something, he spiritualizes it. Thank you for your courage ladies. You will be blessed by it.

  33. I need to apologize for commenting twice, I too quickly ran through, and didn't realize that you had commented. I am going to go back and read your older comments more carefully! I needed to defend the comments of hate coming your way.. Blessings Connie..

  34. my name is dean
    i want to start by saying that everybody needs to take no mans words on whatever issue (such as this topic) whether pro nor contra.
    BUT be an Berean and ask god about things,pray about all things,and study the scriptures

    i hope everybody will understand,judge, what i am about to say to the attackers of mike hoggard aswell as anybody who somehow comes to this site
    i COULD make it short and just say: i personally found no falshood in his videos,teachings, - i am critical and i must say i totally,solely rely on the word of god.

    -on the witchcraft topic...
    he calls kabballa <>(jewish mysticism)and all its related group as it seem the hebrew roots movement,mormonism "witchcraft"

    and everybody who knows or get to know about these false teachers calls it that
    he never called the old testemant witchcraft.. if you`re saying that he said that please show us all the video related to that where he said that
    those false teachers use the old testament for their purposes mixing them with "witchcraft" and so on.

    if you cannot provide prrof for what you`re saying, you are baring false witness...and since you seem to know the bible well,i dont have to tell you how god sees telling a lie especialy full knowing and not of ignorance about somebody... (especialy³) if indeed it is a man of god...
    for you might turn people away wich otherwise could get delivered

    so again.. if you make such a statemand..back it up
    if not dont say it... and if you continue..out of what reason ever.. being wrong...god then will have a problem with you.

    on the so claimed occultic obsession...

    i just see him exposing the occult with the bible... he uses the bible in everything (he refers to him as a watchmen) what do watchers do? they watch..and warn and inform others..

    he teaches,preaches, the bible-king james bible- he goes against a whole lot of mess thats going on in most churches
    he lift jesus up..and exposes the devil and his ministers...

    so if you have "truth" wich i more than doubt show it.

    one last thing... i dont judge,but i got a suspicion that you personally got something against him.. if thats wrong than fine.. if im right.. you art not to do what you do cause you dont like somebody anymore..not when it comes to god an gods people
    and to me( i could be wrong..) but i dont wanna judge.. to me you seem a bit pridefull,arrogant

    you should really really pray..and if so repent

    ps. i would like to se your teachings works whatever..

    1. Unfortunately while listening to more hours than I can count of Mike Hoggard, I did not list as I was transcribing from which video I pulled every quote. But I can assure you that if I said he said it, he did. I was careful to listen, and re-listen, especially when he said something which I considered totally outrageous. If you listen to him all the time and these things are getting past you, it may be that you are being lulled into the half-awake state that his sermons seem to lull people.

      I have been accused before of having something personal against Mike. I don't. I don't know the man. What I am concerned with only is what he is teaching. I examine the contents of the teachings, not the character of the man. That's God's job, not mine. I am however under God's command to examine his teachings and if found false, to expose them. This is what I have done. I would suggest you read the other two articles I have written and maybe you will see that in more detail.

      The fact that he has some things right does not excuse the things he has wrong. If you read my first paragraph above, you will see that the first thing I did was to applaud him for the things he does teach right. But one must be careful to not accept everything someone teaches simply because some of what they teach appeals to you as being right. That is what happens. People let down their guard, don't study, and then all sorts of erroneous beliefs get taken in along with the truth. When Satan uses someone or something to lead people astray you can be sure he is not going to present a package as 100% lies. Then everyone would see it. He presents truths and starts inserting lies within the truths. Mike may not even be aware how off base he has gotten, because he himself has been led astray little by little. It is something everyone must guard against. The first thing to counter that is to take the Scriptures as literally as possible. Mike spiritualizes most everything, which is what gives Satan his opening to lead astray.

      If you want proof, simply REALLY listen to what Mike is saying. It doesn't take much listening to hear things that are not right. At least if you know your Scriptures it doesn't take long.

      I have no fear of standing before God with my pointing out of the errors Mike is teaching, for God's Word will bear me out that Mike is distorting His Word. I am not bearing false witness against the man, I am pointing out that many of his teachings are not in line with Scripture. If you want to believe everything Mike says, that is of course your prerogative. I choose however to listen to the Word of God and compare everything that anyone says to it, as a good Berean should.

    2. where can i learn more about these occult, Illuminati, satanic, mystery religions who plan of changing man's DNA to be gods or super humans? i would like to warn many young people but i really need a perfect presentation. who would you recommend in this regard?

    3. Quite honestly, there is no definitive proof that trying to change our DNA is going to be implemented. There is nothing in the Bible to warn us that this would be inflicted upon us. I do not believe that is what the mark is, as read in Revelation. It does not fit the Scriptures. It is one of the popular conspiracy theories, and admittedly the governments are creating hybrids, but I do not know that they have plans to try to turn us into hybrids. I believe their game is more to create ones from scratch. The main issue is to teach people not to take a mark in their foreheads or right hands that would pledge allegiance to the beast without which they could not buy or sell. THAT is what the Scriptures teach, and that is what you should teach. It is far better to teach truth than speculation. That the beast might be a nephilim is a possibility, as he will not be entirely human, having come out of the sea or more likely the abyss. He is either a possessed human or nephilim (which evidence seems to indicate are still around, but are keeping themselves hidden) as we know he is possessed. That again is Scriptural. Rather than changing us, the reports that come from the UFO community and the abduction might seem to suggest that they are taking human sperm and embryos and creating the hybrids for an army, although that is speculation. The Bible again teaches in Revelation that there will be an army of what are either chimera hybrids or demons that will come against man. That is Scripture, not speculation. I have a history of the Babylonian religion on my other blog site endtimesstudies.blogspot.com, which might be helpful. A lot of my information came from Gary Kah. If you comb through the archives you will find some on Babylon within the Genesis articles, as that is where the Mystery Religion began. Well at least after the Flood that's where it began. Hope this helps.

      As for information on the Illuminati and the NWO, I can highly recommend Gary Kah's books or materials he recommends, as he is thorough and meticulous in his investigations. He does not deal in the speculative as so many do, but reports facts that he accumulates through massive amounts of research. He was a government employee before he stopped to start his ministry which barely keeps the family going, so this is not a money making thing for him as it is for so many of the prophecy teachers. But you can read his history at his website GaryKah.org. While he has reached the ears of people in the rest of the world, Americans are not really listening to what he says. Admittedly his books are difficult to read as they are very dry in just laying out facts, but they are very informative. He also has a quarterly newsletter which keeps you abreast of all the pertinent world news through a team of highly investigative writers. You might want to see if they have back issues, because I remember they dealt with the issue of transhumanism a while back.

  35. Mike Hoggard is an apostate teacher. I have known this man for many years now, and have tried to show him Biblically, the error of his ways. He will always ignore you when you try and Biblically rebuke him. I have done many video's on him as well, on 2 of my many YouTube Channels. He is a false teacher who is leading many astray. However, I have been able to show MANY his sneaky ways with words, and his rampant fence riding., and they have left his fold. he will NEVER come clean on his doctrinal beliefs, he will simply deflect the question and skirt the issue. He is sadly just like the vast majority of todays apostate teachers. it doesn't matter how much he teaches that is correct, a little leaven ruins the whole loaf and if we don't teach the 100% Pure KJV, then we need to keep our mouths SHUT!!! I have enormous ministries the Lord has Given me all across social media and have exposed this man on all of them. You will NEVER convince his hardcore groupies that he is teaching falsely. He has them suckered. And you are 100% correct on your assessment of his obcession with demonic things and his phony Bible code as well. I have warned him that if he is a true watchman, then he needs to WARN of the IMMINENT Rapture (which he denies by the way) and get people looking and ready!!! Thank you for your honest blog here, it is rare and appreciated.

    1. What are your youtube videos? I'd be interested in trying to show them to a friend of mine. Her mom gave me two videos by mike hoggard and I noticed quite often where he was teaching truth, then slipped in a statement that was unbiblical, then quickly moved on to another subject. It took me nearly 4 hours to get through a 1.5 hour video because I had to keep rewinding to check if he actually said what I thought. After researching him and listening to a ton of his teaching, I voiced concerns to my friend's mom who became defensive and asked for date and time stamps in his videos where I found issues. If I had some other videos talking about his teaching, it may help

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I made the mistake of not linking to those sermons (I don't think they were videos, I think they were audios) when I published this, and now I don't know if I could find them as it has been a number of years since I did this research. I believe I found the audios on his website, not on youtube. I basically did a transcript of one of them in my other article on his brainwashing techniques in part three of my articles on him. There is a link to the other two articles I wrote at the end of this article. The one on his interpretation of the use of numbers came from his article on that subject somewhere on his website also. You should be able to find that with a little research so that you can show that he does say the things that I quote him on. As he tends to repeat things a lot within his preaching it shouldn't be too hard to find him saying some of the things I quoted. If you look for a sermon on thorns you should be able to find him saying some of the things I quote in part 3. It is very hard to listen to him for long, so I sympathize with your having to find the evidence. Unfortunately I have found though that even faced with the evidence, many people will not give him up. Only those who have their eyes open and an ear to hear, will hear.

  36. Have been attempting to follow the dialogue, and will attempt to discern the truth, of the Bible through the teaching of Mike Hoggard. Perhaps, many have concerns, that have merit. But, quite frankly I have not seen any better than Mike in bringing the Word of God, together in a cogent, and meaningful presentation.

  37. Have seen many false prophets, and deceivers,and shills and Mike does not appear to be one. Does that mean he is without fault, or error. No, but considering the alternatives,Pastor Hoggard should be commended not condemned.

  38. I am afraid I am not in the habit of commending someone as a person to listen to when I find that many of their teachings are false teachings. As a Berean I believe it is my job to expose false teachings and make people aware that they must be discerning about what they are listening to. I gave Mike credit at the start of this article for the things he does teach that are truth, but that does not make up for the wrong teachings he is espousing. If you listen to him, then you had better be a Berean also, for it has been several years since I have listened to him, but I understand from others that he is moving further from the truth. If he is the best you can find to listen to, then that is an indication of how bad things are getting and how apostate the church has become, that we accept a lot of erroneous teachings. I wish that people would stop going to people to have them tell them what the Bible says, and pick up the Bible themselves and let God show them what it says. Maybe there wouldn't be so much false teachings if they did.

  39. Assuming everything you say is true, and it may be, please note I am not as well versed as you on scripture, but I am a AKJV believer, and know that the evolution theory taught as science is a Masonic lie, as are the dispensation theories of Darby/Cyrus Scofield. Would else besides Hoggard, will draw the biblical facts in light of Masonic rigged reality, together?

    Texe Marrs, Austin,Tx and Steve Anderson, Phoenix, AZ are a few but, they have some real problems in their focus/methodology. Gary Kah? I thought he was working as a front man for GW Bush, Skull and Bones, lackey.

    1. Again, as I stated at the beginning of my article, Mike does teach some truth about things, but his obsession with Masons (and they are a major player, but he spends way too much time reading their material) and nephilim almost to the exclusion of other stuff (at least back when I was listening to him) does concern me. I have two other articles on him, that I think you should read. Some of his statements are very alarming to me. I provided the links at the bottom of this article. As for the others, Texe Marrs is not someone that I would listen to either, for he is very off on his beliefs. I quit listening to him years ago. Steve Anderson also gives me some concern, because of his take on Jews and Judaism (at least what I've heard him say). Beyond that I don't know what he is teaching. I spend my time in the Scriptures learning what God has to say versus spending my time listening to every pastor who has a platform out there. I get more truth from God.

      As for Gary Kah, I know the man personally and have for years. He is the one man whose integrity I do trust. I don't know if I agree with all of his conclusions in his book at this point, but his book is many years old now and much has happened that may have affected his conclusions at the time. He is very abreast of what is going on in the world in his newsletter and it provides valuable information for the student of world events and eschatology. He is most certainly not a front man or lackey for the Satanic people and organizations you have mentioned. He has no connection with them, nor would he. He is a truly very godly man with a godly family. One of the few that I know.

    2. And as for who else would draw the Masonic connection, you apparently are new to all this and have not read a whole lot, because there are a lot of people out there who have written on this subject. It is very well documented by many people about evolution (check out Answers In Genesis, the Institute for Creation Research and others on the evolution lie), about masonry (lots of books on that) and other organizations used by Satan. A virtual library full. Mike is hardly the only one and definitely not the first one to write or talk about all this. It is just that apparently you have not had a lot of exposure to what has been written the past 50+ years or so.

    3. I am sorry for maligning Gary Kah,he apparently was not the one I was thinking about,that joined Bush, to join the administration as Director of the faith based initiative. Of course the job, was just a prop.

      As far as the Masonic connection I have read plenty, I am learning, more and more, and though Mike does, teach on this (the seeming most visible and prolific Christian teacher, with videos), it is apparent that he does have a tendency to make personal interpretations that are jumbled and not necessarily doctrinally sound, perhaps due to his tendency to cover both Masonry and the Bible at the same time.

      Does this make him an apostate, or reaching to the level of Camping? That is a judgement, that I can not make. However, I hope people can use their discernment, when listening to a pastor, whether Hoggard or somebody else.

  40. Connie, I do agree that Michael Hoggards study about numbers in the bible seems at time far-fetched. But concerning his study about new age movement, eastern meditation and use of drugs, is rather interesting and could help someone who is involved in those things better understand the pitfalls of those practices. I think in particular about his video series "Chemical sorcery". I do not deny that Michael hoggard can stumble in some areas (I haven't listened to all his videos). But we all stumble in many things and God is mighty enough to correct our waywardness

    1. Yes, everyone stumbles in some areas, but it is important that people have it pointed out to them that some of his teachings are not correct. If everyone was being a Berean I wouldn't feel the need to write an article like this, but people are not. They swallow whatever the person they are listening to says without checking on everything they say. The one thing I repeat to people over and over on my site is that they should not just take my word for anything, but study to see if what I have said is true. Because Mike does teach some good things, and I have credited him with that before I ever criticized, people accept everything he says. They should not do that, for not everything is correct. If nobody ever held him accountable, then how can he learn from his own mistakes. The problem seems to be that people who have tried to challenge him have been publicly criticized on his show, even though they might have challenged him in private. Some people have received nasty letters back. Some are ignored entirely, and others have been publicly humiliated by him. I have heard him do it. And I happened to agree with the criticism that he had been given by the person in his own congregation, for he told what they had criticized. When a leader will not listen to correction himself, then I have to say that he has begun to go down a path that could lead him further and further astray, for pride does that.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. I do agree with you. One has to be critical and one must not accept everything from everybody even they are "experts" in any area. However, I do learn things when I listen to Mike or many other preachers on the Internet. So what am I going to do ? When one is reading any book, one is not obliged to swallow everything without questionning what is written down. We have to act in the same way with preachers sermons. Of course, it would be inevitable to study in concert the bible in order to be able to separate the good from the bad. Would you agree with this approach ?

    1. Oh, if you are a diligent Berean, I have no problem with you listening to whomever, for you can learn things, and you can weed out things. The problem is, so few are Bereans, so few even crack open their Bibles, so it remains for those of us who do, to warn those who don't that they shouldn't swallow wholesale what anybody (I include myself in that) says without checking their teachings against the Bible. That is one difference between me and so many of these teachers. They don't challenge people to double check them and point out any errors. If I can't defend what I am teaching through good exegesis, then I have to go back to the drawing board. I have had to change my mind numerous times over the years to correct what I was taught to accept, to coincide with what the Scriptures actually teach.

      I would love it if I didn't feel that I need to warn people, but unfortunately that is not the case. Watchmen must do their jobs, because people are lazy and ignorant for the most part. Kudos to you for not being one of them. God will bless that.

    2. Connie, I'm glad to hear that we have common ideas. I have discoverd your blog 2 days ago by googling because I wanted to get other points of views about Mike Hoggard. I read your article and it confirmed what I felt after watching maybe ~ 7 Mike's videos. I added your blog to my favourites. I've heard a lot of different preachers on the Internet but I feel there is always something missing. Sometimes, they are very sincere but they lack knowledge. Sometimes they are full of knowledge but they're missing freshness. I'd like to find preachers that meet those criterias : faithful to the word, solid knowledge, freshness. I suppose you too have heard many preachers on the web and I would be very pleased if you could share web sites or Youtube channels where preachers are serious in the way they share the Word (preferably by means of video or audio technology).

    3. I have not run across any preachers who have it all. I don't know that anybody does, including myself. I have to constantly be examining myself to see where I am at, and question what I have written in the past when I find new information or understanding. Then I have to correct myself. I no longer look for people to listen to, I study the Word and when I come up against a subject that I feel I need more perspective on, because I lack some kind of knowledge that would be helpful (such as historical or whatever) I go looking for people who have preached on that particular subject (whether by youtube video or blog) and see what they have to say. I put it under a microscope and see if there is anything worth keeping. I found from watching some friends of mine, that if you find someone and listen to their videos all the time ad nauseum, after a while you stop double checking them and just take in what they are saying whether right or wrong. You become lazy and let them do the work of studying. I don't want to fall into that trap, as people who have a listening audience, especially if it is a growing one, can fall into Satan's trap of pride and he can then use them to lead others astray by slowly leading them astray. I believe that is happening with Mike, as he will not take any criticism. I know this because many people have testified to that fact. He doesn't try to defend his position with Scripture and show them where there's isn't scriptural, he just gets nasty with them and calls them names. That isn't the right attitude. Pride leads to destruction. Maybe it is fortunate that I only have about a half dozen people that follow me, even after having two blogs since about 2009. And hardly anyone ever comments unless it is to challenge what I say. Keeps my ego in check. lol The Holy Spirit is the best teacher. Don't feel you aren't up to the task of understanding God's Word with His help. God bless.

    4. Forgive my typos. I'm was trying to writ it in a hurry as I have to leave.

    5. Your approach in studying the Word is wise. I do think that God's light can help us to understand the bible as long as we are sincere in the search of wisdom, understanding and perfection of the spirit. Therefore, we have to work diligently to get the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16) to be able to counter the numerous traps of the world.

  43. A comment about Mike Hoggard and your blog:
    I think Mike is serious about his,faith in God, Jesus, and the Bible. I like to listen to him because hes,a man of the Word who thinKS and reasons things against the scriptures. He does believe the Word of God...and shareswhat he thinks about it all with others. Thats kinda cool. I belueve he also loves people, helps them, ministers and prays for them and with them... doesnt think hes beter than everyone rlse. I respect that too. Mike also dares to speak out... about truth and about sin. That's pretry amazing too.
    Is he,a perfect man? No.
    Right about everything? No.
    Point's people to salvation by faith in Jesus? Yes!!!
    A little full of himself, sometimes.
    I think he's a little loose with his words when he,says "God showed me this or that it's true, we need to pray for those in positions such as Mike, they need our prayer, and maybe a letter or phone call for feedback once in a while too.

    I find that Mike's not like Rick Warren. (He's not getting wealthy by people watching his show, listening to him speak and tickle,ears....or buying hisvproducts... no ads on his you tube channel either... just saying. He doesn't "sell" you his books, dvs etc. Like Harold Camping either. See
    Mike is a pastor of a church...not a businessman like Camping.://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Camping
    I appreciate the wisdom you have in discerning all is not perfect with Hoggard, it isnt, you make some valid observations. Just the,same, it seems to me he's just showing people a lot of good reasons to believe the,scriptures are true in light of any and every weird thing thst comes our way... from volution to quantum physics and from u.f.o.and aliens to the miracle of the human body. I think that's kinda cool.It might just be Mikes spiritual gift to do so.

    Thanks for your blog and observations. Its,a good reminder to us all not to get caught up in the following of a person other than Jesus. Good reminders too, about knowing what the bible says so that we know truth from error and recognize the,shepherds voice.

    1. I did say at the beginning of this article that Mike does preach some good things. But I find that he is preaching a lot of things that aren't scriptural also. Since most people are, unfortunately, very ignorant of their scriptures, it is dangerous for them to listen to someone who is preaching half truths and half falsehoods and personal "new" revelations. If you are responsible to take everything he says and go to prove it by the Scriptures in their entirety (not pulling one verse out of context and creating a theory) then by all means feel free to listen to him. Most people do not listen to him in that manner. No is he willing to take correction, as many have found out from trying to talk to him. That to me is a red flag when someone won't even consider listening to anyone's disagreement. I may not like it when people disagree, but I do go over everything they say and check to see if it has any merit and if I have been in error. I try to be very thorough in finding everything the scriptures say on something before I write on it, but occasionally someone makes me take a second look. I welcome and encourage people taking what I say and being Bereans. Mike does not.

  44. Mike Hoggard is teaching Cabala, specificly, the Zohar. It is (in my limited understanding) how the jews use the Old Testament. Not as what is literally written, but in all esoteric and numerological ways. It explains, perhaps, why he is such a supporter of the Synagogue of Satan. He is one of them or, at least, teaching their doctrine.

    1. I haven't listened to Mike in six years since I wrote this article, but it wouldn't surprise me. People like this, once they start down that yellow brick road seem to keep getting further from the truth all the time.

  45. I, like you, have listened to him and enjoyed his teaching in the past. However, when he began to talk about himself for long periods of time on the shows my radar went off. I pray that he has just stayed a little too long down that rabbit trail and willcome back arouned to the unadulterated Word of God, leading people to live holy and righteously in these last days.

    1. Yes, he needs prayer. I wouldn't set my hopes too high though that he'll come back from this path he is on. It's unfortunately been my observation that they don't usually.

  46. Connie,
    Great piece! I've listened to Mike more than a few times but have developed a real headache here recently due to his incessant methodology (which borders on Gnosticism) making the KJV (I'm a KJV guy myself) more of a, how do I say this...a decoder ring rather than the Word of God. Saying that the Beast comes out of the sea; our hearts are surrounded by sea water (?) ( I looked and looked and for the life of me, I can't find that nugget of information) ergo, the Beast will make his home in the unbelievers heart. The obsession with numerology is maddening as well as the obsession with UFOs, aliens ( like X-Files but I don't confuse Chris Carter's show with Biblical truth)....no, he doesn't expound Scripture he just take it up to the next level. Anyway, this is my two-cents worth.

    1. Thanks Mike. It's nice to see I am not the only one that sees that he is obsessed with some things that he shouldn't be. And your saying that he uses the Bible as a decoder ring exactly describes the situation.

  47. mikes great, some of you are just stupid is all

    1. No, I think some of us are just discerning.